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Year of birth: 2003
Country: England
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Biography of Band

-Onsetcold five peice metal band

-dynamic, intense and open minded, incorporating different metal genres into their music.

-formed from previous metal bands and projects with a long history of studio work, as well
as gigging with un/signed bands.

-the first half of 2004 was spent recording and refining songs and from august onwards was spent gigging and writing new

-the year was rounded off with the recording and self production of the latest cd "pig".
we start 2005 with the intention of getting signed.madness

Members of Onsetcold

Current Members:
Mike. Role: Bass
Shaq. Role: Vocals
Silz. Role: Guitars
Ineal. Role: Drums
Farley. Role: Keyboards


Demo: Saddness (2004)
Demo: Pig (2005)
Comment: This demo from the five piece hailing from oop north is a good, solid piece of death/spazzcore metal, more than worth a
listen. Although it can seem at times that a large part of this job is simply pigeonholing a band to a genre so that the
reader can decide from the off if it's worth looking at, it really is not a simple task when it comes to this lot. There
really are elements from all of the extreme spectrum, within the brutal fucking noise that this lot make, and although the
discordant, distorted to fuck riffs that emanate from the speakers when you put this on are certainly enjoyable, there are
times when you yearn for a BIT of a tune. I've heard a lot of bands in my time who have held their beliefs of no tune =
no bullshit' very close to their hearts, but for me, if there were a few more thoroughly gory (meat) hooks within the
blast of political/gore death that these Brits create, they would be a very strong force within their scene'. A solid
demo, and if the band can build on what they already have, there's every possibility that we will all be hearing a lot
more of them.
review by Baulky

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