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Year of birth: 1997
Country: Finland
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Biography of Band

What is there to say about CHILDREN OF BODOM that hasn’t been said yet? That they have the songs AND the skill? That very few come even close to what C.O.B. is doing? That they ARE state of the art? In the last six or so years, the band that darted to international fame with their debut, 1997’s ‘Something Wild’, has gone from being “this amazing band from Finland” to a household name in the metalscene. And that, of course, is obvious given the intensity, sheer quality of their material and the flawless execution. Make no mistake, CHILDREN OF BODOM do not play around. They’re here to kill.
Pathways to murder, short course It didn’t take long for Spinefarm Records to figure out what they had in their hands when the band presented their demo to the label back in late 1996. Three spins of ‘Deadnight Warrior’ later, the bands was signed and ready to knock a few heads off... Soon enough (-97), C.O.B. was flying all over Europe and writing new material that would become the ‘Hatebreeder’ album. The band also did an incredibly successful mini-tour of Japan and recorded an airtight live album in Tokyo. The buzz around the COBHC was reaching new heights... Gold-plated carnage
Finland has for years been a fantastic breeding ground for metal music. The fact that CHILDREN OF BODOM’s all four singles have been #1 in the Finnish single-charts and breached the limit for gold record-status, only goes to prove this. The single for ‘Hate Me!’ even went as far as platinum.

After recording ‘Follow The Reaper’ at Peter T?gtgren’s infamous Abyss Studio, the band decided to return to the loving arms of a COBHC trustee, Anssi Kippo, and the bowels of Astia Studio. The result is nothing short of breathtaking. Not only has the band taken their songwriting into new levels of aggressivity and heaviness but the way the songs are carried out pummels everything they -or anyone, for that matter- have done into dust. Alexi Laiho spits out his lyrics with vitriolic hate, the guitars (courtesy of Alexi and Alexander Kuoppala) shred everything in their wake with razor-sharp precision while the rhythmsection (the demolition duo of Henkka T. Blacksmith & Jaska W. Raatikainen) pounds away like the world is about to end. As a final coup de grac? come the keyboards of Janne Warman, making sure the path of destruction is complete with the fervour and precision of a seasoned executioner on a killing spree.

Members of Children Of Bodom

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CD: Something Wild (1997) Tracklist.
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CD: Downfall (1998) Tracklist.
nothing: Hatebreeder (1999) Tracklist.
CD: Tokyo Warhearts (1999) Tracklist.
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CD: You´re Better of Dead (2002) Tracklist.
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CD: Are You Dead Yet? (2005) Studio: Spinefarm Records. Tracklist.

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