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Стиль: Grindcore
Год образования: 1997
Страна: Czech Republic
Просмотров: 6313. Обновление: 21 April, 2005 by Project Moderators

Биография группы

Carnal Diafragma was formed in 1997 in a small, but very long, village called Pнљť. Schoolmates Kameň,
Milaňo and Robert decided to form a grindcore band. Robert was playing in CADAVEROUS NOISE, Kameň sat down
behind his drum kit and Milaňo prepared his animalous throat. We played more or less noise core and we were
disturbing people, who used to live around. In 1999 Stezi joined our band. Noise started to change to grindcore. After the
release of "Live In Havнřov" demo Stezi left the band because of his personal problems. Then David joined Carnal. In
2001 Stezi came back and we started to play with two basses. "Preparation of the pacients for examination" CD and various
split cassettes were released. Stezi left the band after split 7"EP with ULCERRHOEA, split MCD with BIZARRE EMBALMING and
split CD with PULMONARY FIBROSIS in 2004 and he joined our mates CEREBRAL TURBULENCY. We play the mix of grind/gore/crust
now as you can hear from our releases or mp3ґs.

Участники группы Carnal Diafragma

Текущий состав:
David. Роль в группе: Bass
Robert. Роль в группе: Guitars, Vocals
Milan. Роль в группе: Growl Vocals
Kamen. Роль в группе: Drums


Split: Split
Состав: Carnal Diafragma, Pulmonary Fibrosis
MC: Daddy?s Steak
Split MCD: Split MCD
Состав: Bizarre Embalming, Carnal Diafragma
CD: Tribute to GUT
Demo: We Cut Your Head and Fucking to Neck
Split EP: Split EP
Состав: Carnal Diafragma, Ulcerrhoea
Split MC: Split Tape
Состав: Carnal Diafragma, P.I.T.
CD: Tribute to Regurgitate
CD: Preparation of the Pacients for Examination
Demo: Live in Havirov

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