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Стиль: Black Metal
Год образования: 1993
Страна: Colombia
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Биография группы

LUCERA was formed. The first line-up was Andres "Buziraco" Granada (guitars), Julian Polanco (drums) and Carlos "Solrac
Doom" Estrada (Vocals). Polanco left the band and he was replaced by session drummers .At the same time "Buziraco" and
"Solrac Doom" start rehearsing their own material. First two written songs were “By the Curse Of The Demiurge” and “The
Battle Of The Immortal Heroes”.

In 1994 Geovanny Arce (ex- Atanab vocal) joined the band to play the drums and 6 months later Andres "Ophicvs" Mejia
joined the band to play bass and keyboards. Also in that year LUCERA recorded a rehearsal tape distributed among a
selected circle of friends, The quality of the sound was low due to the fact it was recorded with amature equipment.

In August 1996 LUCERA took part in the first black metal festival wich took place in Cali - Colombia, with bands like
Apolion`s Genocide (rip), Mephiztophel, and our brothers in metal Utuk Xul, early known as Dies Irae.

LUCERA kept playing until 1998, when the band decided to take a break and some of the members help out other bands:
"Ophicvs" in Eclipse, At Dusk, Ossaravenhead. Geovanny Arce in
Liturgia. "Buziraco" joined an speed metal band in Florida - USA called Sovereignright (rip).

Now in 2005 LUCERA is striking back with all its power and its original members, and prepares for the recording of its
first CD, an Opus of death and destruction !!!

Участники группы Lucera

Текущий состав:
Andres Mejia (Ophicvs). Роль в группе: Synths, Guitars, Bass
Andres Granada (Buziraco). Роль в группе: Lead, Acoustic Guitars
Carlos Estrada (Solracdoom). Роль в группе: Vocals
Geovanni Arce. Роль в группе: Drums


Promo: Promo Rehearsal (1994)
Promo: Promo (2005)

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