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Стиль: Heavy Metal
Год образования: 2004
Страна: Austria
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Биография группы

June 2003 was when it all began. Guitarist Richard Eberl and Keyboardist Markus Engert were looking to form a band in
their spare time. They came across many people to fill the missing parts in a band, and after a few days chatting they
decided to give it a shot.

Bassist Clemens Pecher rushed in and there he was! They contacted friend Tom Stone to fill the Drum part position, and
vocalist Johannes Hoebel completed the line-up to be known as Holograph. The quintet started jamming in their free time,
and recorded demo tape consisting of some tracks but not to be distribute. We called the demo CD the 'Holograph Demos' and
is also called “The First Steps” of the band.

The following two months were hard for the band to have rehearsals, the band underwent their first in a long string of
line-up changes as Tom Stone and Holograph went parted ways. In need of a drummer, the band continued writing and
recording for not a long time. Finally a few weeks later Johannes Hoebel had the idea to contact the former drummer of
Scarecrow Wolfgang Scheidl. When he came to our first rehearsal he was glad to see his style of music and so joined the

Unfortunately, before they could get too far, Markus Engert quit the band and Holograph were after a fresh start and a
new rehearsal studio. Finding a suitable keyboardist would set them back a few years. About two keyboardists were
auditioned and declined finally Christopher Albert. The band decided that they were interested enough to invite him for a
proper audition. With Chris, they performed demo versions of their material, and decided to pick him over the 200+ other
hopefuls for the keyboard spot in Holograph.

Unfortunately, before they could get too far, they were forced to change their name because the origin band did not exist
any more. Names were considered and discarded, until Wolfgang suggested they use the name Stimulus, the latin name of

Setting up for their first concert they decided to change their band name into “Stimulus X” to enforce the name and their
projects. In their first project we have many Metal elements - a masterful combination of musical fibers woven into a
rich tapestry of emotion!

Участники группы Stimulus X

Текущий состав:
Johannes Hoebel. Роль в группе: Vocals
Wolfgang Scheidl. Роль в группе: Drums
Richard Eberl (Founder). Роль в группе: Guitars
Clemens Pecher. Роль в группе: Bass
Christiopher Albert. Роль в группе: Keyboards
Бывшие участники:
Markus Engert. Роль в группе: Keyboards
Tom Stone. Роль в группе: Drums


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