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Style: Hard Rock
Year of birth: 1987
Country: USA
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Biography of Band

The American hard rock Bulletboys was formed in Los Angeles, California, in the end of the 80s by three former King Kobra

Members of Bulletboys

Current Members:
Marq Torien. In Band at: 1987 - . Role: Vocals, Bass
Side projects: King Kobra, Ratt
Jason Grinstead (Hook). In Band at: 2000 - . Role: Guitars
Side projects: Brain Stem Babies, Hilary Duff, The Killer Dwarfs, Mandy Moore, New Pop Eden, No Love Lost, Monkeyhead, Rhino Party, Vince Neil
Melvin Brannon II. In Band at: 2002 - . Role: Bass
Side projects: Dan Reed Network, Edgar Winter Band, Stevie Salas
Paul Newman. In Band at: 2002 - . Role: Drums
Past Members:
Mick Swedasky. Period: 1987 - 1992. Role: Guitars
Side projects: King Kobra, Stormtrooper
Jimmy D`Anda. Period: 1987 - 1992. Role: Drums
Side projects: Lynch Mob, Zen Lunatic
Thomas Pittam. Period: 1992 - 1996. Role: Guitars
Side projects: Three Ninja
Rob Karras. Period: 1992 - 1996. Role: Drums
Side projects: Pain Inc..
D.J. Ashba. Period: 1996 - 2002. Role: Guitars
Side projects: Beautiful Creatures
Robby Humeniuk. Period: 1996 - 1998. Role: Drums
Steven Adler. Period: 1998 - 1999. Role: Drums
Side projects: Adler`s Appetite, Guns `N` Roses, Road Crew
Vikki Foxx. Period: 1999 - 2000. Role: Drums
Side projects: Enuff Z`nuff, Vince Neil, Warrant
Lonnie Miller (Vincent). Period: 1987 - 2002. Role: Bass
Side projects: Hawk, King Kobra
Brent Fitz. Period: 2000 - 2002. Role: Drums


CD: Bulletboys (1988) Studio: Warner Bros. Tracklist.
CD: Freakshow (1991) Studio: Warner Bros. Tracklist.
CD: Za-Za (1993) Studio: Warner Bros. Tracklist.
CD: Acid Monkey (1995) Studio: Swordholio. Tracklist.
Compilation: Burning Cats and Amputees (2000) Studio: Cleopatra. Tracklist.
CD: Sophie (2003) Studio: Bulletboys. Tracklist.

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