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Style: Thrash Metal / Hardcore
Year of birth: 2004
Country: England
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Biography of Band

Hate Material was originally started in 2003 armed with plucky rhtyhm guitarist Jacob Evans and creative rock/metal
drummer William Ellerton who was looking into forming a band at the time and Jacob decided to offer his assistance.

Later on the first line up was completed with additions lead guitarist Daniel George, Chris Hardwicke on bass and Rachel
Roberts, vocals. The band practiced a few times but shortly after problems started arising. Rachel decided to leave for
reasons still not known, Chris left to continue work with Prog band Morphic Aura and Daniel was no longer allowed to play
with Hate Material for undisclosed reasons.

Hate Material were now stuck with just a guitarist and a drummer. After a while William consulted long time friend and
former bassist of Volatile Ashley Clarebout who accepted to play and sing for the time being until a new singer was found.
There was only one more place to fill of the lead guitarist and after constant hinting from Jacob the final member Alex
Draisey decided to join.

The guys got on really well together and immediately clicked as a band, and filled in a gig for Volatile after having
three days practice for the first time together as the new line-up, but minus Jacob as he was in a wedding pissed out of
his skull. But still somehow managed to get a beasty four star rating.

Hate Material are now continuing as a four piece and still looking for a hardcore singer but untill then you can hear
them somewhere near you!

Members of Hate Material

Current Members:
Jacob Evans. Role: Rhythm Guitars
Will Elerton. Role: Drums
Ashley Clarebout. Role: Bass, Vocals
Alex Draisey. Role: Lead Guitars
Past Members:
Rachel Roberts. Role: Vocals
Chris Hardwicke. Role: Bass


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