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Стиль: Metal
Год образования: 1981
Страна: Russia
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Биография группы

Indisputably, KRUIZ was the national pride of Russia, the face of progressive Russian culture in the end of 80-s and
beginning of 90-s.
A great army of admirers in the whole world and in former socialist countries, the originality of the musicians (Valery
Gaina/vocal, guitar, Fyodor Vasiliev/bass guitar, Sergey Efimov/drums) able to become the Russian rock band # 1 who
headed for the world rock stage and conquered it by its European tour, the fact that the KRUIZ was the first Russian
group who recorded and issued its first author's disc at the prestige record company-WEA (Warner Broz.) in Germany,
professionalism and innovative ideas made from trio KRUIZ the first Russian group of international scale.
The KRUIZ was founded in 1981. The group has quickly won the sympathies of the rock fans in the Soviet Union due to the
"new wave" then brought by the KRUIZ in the Soviet rock stage. As for music the group was doing well, but 1985 was the
year of great shocks in Soviet life that accordingly reflected in Russian rock development as well.
In 1986 the only one member remained in the band - its founder Valery Gaina and he decided to develop the group's music
in accordance with the ideas of the new time. Sergey Efimov became the drummer of the renewed KRUIZ and Fyodor Vasiliev
came to be the bass guitar. In this structure the musicians began playing apparently new and really original music that
quickly attracted public attention towards them.
In spring 1987 the debut album of the group called KRUIZ-1" was issued by the All-Union recording company Melodia". The
music itself and the ideas of the musicians, used at recording this album, foretold the album's success. In the very
compositions of this album the group aspired to bring to the people the things that were of great lack that time - don't
give up! Even if it is too hard". And the success came. And it was a real success! The sales of the album KRUIZ-1"
rapidly reached 1 million and regarding the total issue it came to 12.000.000 (!) copies. The KRUIZ was highly appreciated
by the most brilliant critics of their music - they were highly recognized by the hearers.
The hour of triumph began for the KRUIZ! The KRUIZ started their concert tour in the Ukraine, Byelorussia and Russia. The
group has quickly conquered the army of rock fans in the ex-Soviet Union due to their concerts. As for the music the KRUIZ
did not restrict themselves, and the vital energy coming merely from three musicians of the group even flow out in the
hall provoking the same response at the same emotional level and in different forms of admiration and support.
The stage show of the group represented an enchanting sight. And always - live sound. Only live music of the band. Than
in Russia the mass media did not spoil" the rock fans much and perhaps the lack of information was an original
advertisement for the KRUIZ, why, everyone knew them.
So, from that moment the KRUIZ turned into the something more than a rock group - the KRUIZ became a live legend. The
trio got their own style. The professionalism of the musicians was beyond question.
According to inquiries in various music editions Valery Gaina - the best guitar of the year, Sergey Efimov - the best
drummer of the year. Fyodor Vasiliev also didn't yield to them in skills. The manager of the German group Scorpions" paid
attention at the KRUIZ at one of their concerts and suggested that they should record an album in Germany. On October
1988 the second album of the trio KRUIZ with a plain but a very bright name KRUIZ" appeared in West-European music
stores. The western press, critics and of course listeners positively accepted the album, and the KRUIZ went on their
European tour in Germany, England, Italy, Spain, Norway, easily conquering the army of fans and amazing them not only with
their new album but their live and honest concerts. There were some questions about the Russian groups'
professionalism previously. The live of the KRUIZ clearly demonstrated skills of the Russians and broke our former
stereotype " the German
newspaper Munich Music News/April 1989. Having spent the whole 1989 in the European tour the KRUIZ returned in Russia in
December. The professional status of the musicians allowed them to create their solo projects.
Valery Gaina implemented his creative ideas not only in the
Russian project "GAIN" but also founded very interesting rock bands such as "KARMA", "iNSULATED" in America. Sergey
Efimov founded the bands "VOLKI" and "UDAR", and Fyodor Vasiliev entereda popular rock group "Night Snipers", not
forgetting to pay attention to the session work with a number of Russian musicians. But the KRUIZ wouldn't have
been the unique trio if they failed to announce about themselves today. Following the demands of the fans which the group
still have, and after many years the KRUIZ made a new record in May 2004! Having retained the structure of songs from
their album "KRUIZ-1", the group presents it to their fans in an absolutely new, modern sound. And as always this record
is a very interesting one. The thing is that the musicians recorded their album being in different parts of the world.
Sergey Efimov's drums and Fyodor Vasiliev's bass guitar were recorded in Moscow and the guitar, the vocal and the final
reduction were performed by Valery Gaina in Los Angeles. It is in the manner of the trio KRUIZ - to overcome difficulties.
The trio KRUIZ overcame the obstacles of distances and presented to their fans a new and modern sound of their favorite
group. Indeed, it is not easy to hear high-quality rock in Russia. And it is a real luck to find among good music the
things that may amaze real experts. Before you finish listening to the first song you will understand: it is the KRUIZ.
The KRUIZ in the sound of 2005.

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Участники группы Kruiz (Круиз)

Текущий состав:
Val Gaina. Роль в группе: Vocals, All Guitars
Sergey Efimov. Роль в группе: Drums
Fedor Wassiliev. Роль в группе: Bass


CD: Kruiz - I (1987)
Split: Kruiz/WEA (1988)
CD: Culture shock. A.L.S. (1989)
Promo: Promo (2004)

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