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Стиль: Progressive Metal
Год образования: 2003
Страна: England
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Биография группы

Random Man started out summer of 2003 with Bill Etheridge (guitar), David Lopez (guitar), Herman Spooner (bass),
Christopher Sypi (drums).

David wanted to form a band that combined melody, technique and explosive live performances. He had seen Bill Etheridge
play in a few metal acts in London and was impressed by his playing.

Coincidentally, Bill would reply to an add placed by David in Denmark Street, Central London. Bill had an ongoing project
so it would be David who joined Bill's band.

Random Man started rehearsing original ideas and auditioning singers. When they had 5 songs ready the band decided to
play live as an instrumental act. The mentality was to start trying the songs live, and hopefully catch the interest of a
good singer. The singer arrived after a year in the person of Mike O‘neil. Mike brought a fresh influence and his arrival
sparked a very creative phase for the band.

More than anything, positive word of mouth and their live shows did wonders for Random Man who had a very unique sound
for the time.

However, unfortunately the band began to self-destruct around the same time. Tensions between members caused friction
and Christopher distanced himself participating in various side projects. In the summer of 2004 David and Bill decided to
disband and think of a better approach for Random Man.

With Mike, Christopher and Herman not available for the project, Bill and David were to spend the next six months
auditioning musicians.

Eventually they were to record again. This time with a female vocalist, Keely Mannin. The material was brand new for
these recordings and had a new vibe which can be perceived in the album; ‘The String Theory is divided in two parts,
reflecting this period of time.

Random Man releases ‘The String Theory' May 30th 2005 unaffected by the trends, with the aim of making new things out of
metal. It's an album two years in the making, hard hitting and mind blowing, the new hope of modern metal, Spread the

Участники группы Random Man

Текущий состав:
Keely Mannin.
David Lopez.
Bill Etheridge.


nothing: The String Theory (2030)

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