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Style: Black / Brutal Death Metal
Year of birth: 2003
Country: France
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Biography of Band

BALAAM is born in September 2003 around SEDFAST (guitarist), CRAFTER (bass player), KROM (guitarist) and PSYCHO666
(singer). The place of the drummer changes many times and ends up being stabilized with the arrival of INFAUSTUS in
January 2004.

BALAAM aims to create a new style of music, Black Metal original, violent, without any censure, while helping themselves
of the influences of each one. No instrument is put on side, which returns the songs varied. Experienced guitarists, a
bass guitar setting ahead, an at the same time technical and fast battery and an evolving song from Black to Death.

The lyrics treat human silly thing, hatred against any religion, of the forces of darkness and our demon BALAAM as well
as satanism.

During October 2004, BALAAM plays for the first time in front of a public, thus associating the visual to our music and
really showing another brutality. We always give the best even and try to reproduce our thought on stage.

It is to confirm our way of thinking that BALAAM continues to play live...
Our first CD album entitled : BLASPHEMY DIABOLICA (10 titles) is born in March 2005.

Members of Balaam

Current Members:
Psycho666. Role: Vocals
Crafter. Role: Bass
Krom. Role: Guitars, Keyboards
Infaustus. Role: Drums
SedFast. Role: Guitars


CD: Blasphemy Diabolica (2005) Tracklist.
Lineup: Psycho666 - Vocals, Crafter - Bass, Krom - Guitars, Keyboards, Infaustus - Drums, SedFast - Guitars

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