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Style: Metal
Year of birth: 1995
Country: Portugal
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Biography of Band

Azagatel was formed in September 1995. On the 28th of December 96, they did their first concert in a local bar, with the
following line up: Hrodulf (Vocals), Necrocrawler (Guitar), To-Ze (Guitar), Batata (Bass) and Su (Drums). In 1999, the Greendevil, Ze Leao and Marco entered the band and they started to work on new songs. February in Rec and Roll Studios they record their first demo CD called “The Middle Earth”.
In Feveruary 2001, Morte gives azagatel a new guitar. And in March they started recording the “Nautilus” Album.
On the 15th February 2002 "Nautilus", a self-financed album, with 9 tracks, comes to life.
In June 2005 they will release "The Horned God" with Hrodulf(vocals), Necrocrawler & Morte(guitars), Caos X(bass), Greendevil (drums) & Psyclop (keyboards).

Members of Azagatel

Current Members:
Hrodulf. Role: Vocals
Necrocrawler. Role: Guitars
Morte. Role: Guitars
Caos X. Role: Bass
Green Devil. Role: Drums
Psyclop. Role: Keyboards


Demo: The Middle Earth (1999) Tracklist.
CD: Nautilus (2002) Tracklist.
Demo: The horned god (2005) Tracklist.

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