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Year of birth: 2003
Country: USA
Views: 3249

Biography of Band

Rising from the ashes of Tacoma-area heavyweights Medicine Wheel, Before Christ, Throttle and Mister Grinch,
the behemoth that is Desired Response Theory strives for one goal- to bring powerful, intelligent music to a world
seemingly lacking in both. Originally consisting of Jason, Dan, Kevin and Nick, in 2002. They quickly decided that the
just wasn't complete. After an extensive search, Jaime and Rick were added to bring their music to new, monstrous
The rhythm section of Jason and Dan nails down a bottom-end that can powderize concrete, while Kevin and Rick's guitars
the listener like a steamroller. Over this heavier-than-thou riffing, Nick and Jaime's harmonies, counter melodies and
call-and-response vocals provide hooks that stay in your head long after the walls stop shaking.

One can make the argument that the band's enormous sound can only truly be appreciated by seeing them live.
As one new disciple says, "These guys take the stage with an energy that hasn't been seen around here for years."
DRT refuses to allow an audience to think of them as "background music". For the length of time that they are on stage,
they own that club and everyone in it. Through their many years of experience, these 6 professionals have learned many
not the least of which is that any success the band has, or will have, is directly attributable to the many fans who turn
up show
after show. This serves to make the members all exceptionally accessible, both to the long-time devoted and the ever
legions of new fans.

Members of Desired Response Theory

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