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Стиль: Black Metal
Год образования: 1989
Страна: USA
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Биография группы

Having Traveled Through Time & Space For Many Centuries;The Immortal Souls Of GODLESS Came To Conquer This New Era With
Their Dark Wisdom, Declaring Total Mercyless War Against Judeochristianity And To It's Nonsense Religion. It Was In The
Winter Of 1989 A.S. That GODLESS Was Prepared To Crush The Black Metal Scene. GODLESS was Formed By Lord Asaradel And Was
Created To Become The Most Evil Antichistian Band In P.R. Always Daring To Do What Others Fear. GODLESS Started Playing
Original Antichristian Stuff At The Beggining Of 1990 A.S. At That Time; GODLESS Became The FIRST BLACK METAL BAND From
Puerto Rico & One Of The First Black Metal Bands From U.S.A.

During The 90's Lord Asaradel Got Involved In Other Projects As Mysterium, Necronomium, Vampiric Dominium, Ustor and so
on...In 2000 He Moved To Pittsburgh, PA To
Join The Band Lethal Prayer (Ex-Acheron/Incantation Session Member band). Soon Later He Returned Back To P.R. To Start
Working With GODLESS Again. During 90's Period Lots Of Line-Up Changes Happened Til This Present Day(2004) Along With Lots
Of Unreleased & Official Recordings. It Was In The Summer Of 2004 That Lord Asaradel Decided To Keep GODLESS As A "One
Man Band" Studio Project Due To Musical Incompetence Of Previous Members. As GODLESS Founder: Lord Asaradel Is The Only
One Who Can Take And Accept Desions In The Band And No One Will NEVER Be Capable To Do That Beside Him.

A New Cd Entitled "Church Arsonist" Was Recorded At The End Of August And Will Be Out At The End Of This Year. GODLESS
Have Returned Back To The Raw Evil Roots
Of Black Metal. Extreme Vocals And Raw Music In The Burzum/Lugubrum/Vlad Tepes/Nuit Noire/Dark Throne vein. It Will
Feature The Help Of Two Known Members From Other Bands. Years And Years Have Passed By: And GODLESS Has Definitively Won
One Of The Thrones In The True Black Metal Scene (As Some People Worldwide Say & Other Deny). A Black Metal Legend Hated
By Some And Praised By Other; Never Falling In The Trend Dimmu Borgir, Emperor Wagon....Only The True Warriors Know And
Time Hold Our Legacy...The Legend Is Still Alive And NO ONE WILL NEVER STOP US...Ingredere In Templum Satanae...Wait For
The Teleuten Aion...

Участники группы Godless

Текущий состав:
Max. Роль в группе: Guitars
Lord Asaradel (Founder). Роль в группе: Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals
Titues. Роль в группе: Vocals


Demo: Nefastus Angel (1990)
Комментарий: Unreleased.
Demo: Alive On the Ritual (1990)
Комментарий: Unreleased.
Live Demo: Live at Infernal Nigh (1992)
Комментарий: Unreleased.
Demo: Satan Answered My Prayer (1993)
Комментарий: Rehearsal and studio demos exist.
Promo: Desertor Of Heaven (1996)
Комментарий: Rehearsal promo song.
Promo: Keeping The Flame Burning (1997)
Комментарий: Studio promo song.
Demo: Requiem Aeternam Dona Eis (1998)
CD: The Ultimate Blasphemy (2001)
CD: Adricanarom Dumaso (2004)
CD: Church Arsonist (2005)

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