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Style: New Metal
Year of birth: 2003
Country: Russia
Views: 5673

Biography of Band

The group called "AMNEZIA" was founded at the beginning of 2002. That time Ivan Zavalkin was offered to take on the post
of the director for the sound-recording studio, run by the Production Center "Arsenal". Having taken the bull by the
horns, Zavalkin invited some session musicians to take part in the recording of a few demo-tracks that were performed to
the managing stuff of the Production Center. As a result, a decision to set up a musical project, whose name was suggested
by Zavalkin himself, was made. A thorough selection of the musicians started. The main criterion was a highly professional
level of the candidates. At first the key-figures in the group were a guitarist, Leonid Lekhman, and a drummer, Sergey
Rodin. The search for a bass-guitarist caused serious trouble, though. Being as happy as the day was long with a great
deal of musical ideas, the musicians continued to rehearse in the group of three, keeping on thinking of filling a free
vacancy of a bass-guitarist. At the New Year's Eve the fortune smiled on the musicians when Andrei Pichugin joined the
group as a bass-guitarist on the constant basis. The group also hit the mark, having invited Valerie Palenishev, who had
helped the group for a long time, to perform the duties of an open vocalist. The problem of the group members being solved
after all, "AMNEZIA" started to work at their first album, which, according to the modest estimation, will meet the
highest requirements of modern alternative music for sure. The album is planned to have been issued by the spring of 2004.

The first full-sized group performance was their appearance at the presentation of the album of the Tver rock groups,
organized by "Nashe Radio" on 30 April, 2003. before that performance the group had been known to their closest friends
only. In spite of the total unsuitability of the group to any Russian broadcasting radio station and the fact that the
group had (and still has) nothing in common with the so-called "Russian rock", the group left the other musicians in the
shade. The audience, turned to the concert to listen to their favorite performers, was shocked by the appearance of
"wicked guys" from "AMNEZIA". According to some newspapers, all the spectators were "dragged" into the unexambled slam at
once. There is nothing surprising about it, as previous concerts had lacked such music that influences the energy
relieving of full value. A slave to fashion is a group that doesn't know what style it is playing, hitting at the fact
that it has set a new trend. Trying not to fallow up-to-the-minute fashion, "AMNEZIA" declares that the music they play
has much in common with nu-metal; but the musicians can't state for sure the style itself. The music reminds of the one
performed by KORN, LIMP BIZKIT, SLIPKNOT, TOMMY LEE etc. The group is just happy to announce that their music doesn't put
their funs in a straitjacket while discussing their style. It goes without saying, that attending concerts and listening
to the LP album is the best way to make an acquaintance with the music.

The main objective of the group is to show the results of their work to a big amount of people, to prove that the
musicians feel in their element. The group pins great hopes on issuing the LP and taking part in concerts and festivals
held all over the country. The group's energy and enthusiasm will make the musicians stand out in the crowd.

Members of Amnezia

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No Information. The base is updated daily.

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