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Style: Brutal Death Metal
Year of birth: 2001
Country: USA
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Biography of Band

The history of GROTESQUEUPHORIA is a long and complex one, consisting of many former members spanning back almost a
decade..The earliest seeds of GROTESQUEUPHORIA began in 1995 as SANGUINARY CARNAGE .The band consisted of Sam
Lara(guitars,vocals), Rich Hervey (drums) and Doug Randazzo (guitar) .While jamming in Sams garage in Bay Shore , NY,the
band was looking for a reliable bassist to complete the line-up. After many dissapointing attempts at breaking guys in,
they met ex-EXTRA HOT SAUCE guitarist Eric Sandalic in 1996 who made the switch to bass. A solid brutal trio was finally
born. With Sam as their only vocalist, SANGUINARY CARNAGE wrote a half dozen songs and recorded a four song demo. Later
that year, a fire tore through the garage and they were forced to find a new rehersal place. They wound up in Holtsville,
renting a 10 by 30 storage unit in an industrial area. In 1997, after making the new studio feel like home, doug brought
an old friend to practice. Her name was April Taylor.a.k.a EVILA She grabbed the mike and began screaming like a possessed
demon. Since the band was considering looking for a vocalist anyway, the switch was obvious. April became the newest
member, leaving Sam to concentrate on guitar full-time. It was at this point, after a suggestion by Rich, that SANGUINARY
CARNAGE become BUTCHERY. During 1998-1999, BUTCHERY played many shows in the NYC area with such acts as
ANGEL CORPSE and VADER. Their 1998 one-song promo tape, "BLACKEST BLOOD" of which over 1500 copies were distributed
worldwide, earned them a strong following, awesome zine reviews, college radio support and label interest. A strong
performance at the 1999 March Metal Meltdown in Asbury Park increased the demand for the obvious next step: a full-length
CD. During the summer of 1999, work on the full length began. With a Tascam 8 track cassette recorder and a slew of
borrowed cheap mikes, their 10 by 30 storage facility was converted to a temporary recording studio. During the
pre-production, unfortunately, disagreements between the drummer and the rest of the band resulted in a parting of ways.
This resulted in yet another name change.BUTCHERY became EXUVIATE , which was the name of Dougs first death metal project
he started back in 1992. Problems surfaced at the rehersal studio as well by the end of that year. A new luxury apartment
complex had just opened across the street on what used to be wasteland, and it wasnt long before the band was being
visited by cops almost every night.Knowing their days there were limited, the band moved into Aprils new apartment and
began to look for a drummer. In early 2000, after selling over 700 copies of the EXUVIATE cd, they met ex- ABHORANCE
drummer Gabe Madsen through a "musicians wanted" ad. Finally, the search for a sick drummer was over. Gabe fit in well and
they continued to write and play shows throughout the NY area. His vocals and song writing abilities made them even
The good times were short lived, however. Aprils ongoing personal problems began to get out of hand. After numerous
arguements about the direction of the band, the final straw came when she didnt show up for a show in Pennsylvania on
time.They parted ways, and the remaining members decided that the best way to avoid problems in the future was for Sam to
return to the mike. Gabe had already began doing vocals live and Doug joined in soon after, forming a trio of vocal
sickness. By 2001, EXUVIATE had bounced back by building a new rehersal studio at Sams new house and work began on a new
cd. They played a few more shows in NY and NJ, as well as the Milwakee Metal Fest.During this time, Eric was in the
process of building a recording studio in his house. By the fall of 2001, Recording was just about finished as well as the
bands new cd. It was also about this time where the band felt, after reviewing their past, that a new and FINAL band name
should be born. A name that belonged to the group and GROTESQUEUPHORIA was born.
6-5-03 guitarist Doug leaves the band for financial reasons 8-15-03 IMMORTAL SUFFERING/SPORE guitarist Leo Bakman fills
the spot on guitars 12/03 Bassist Eric leaves the band for a new out of state residence//2-20-04 Doug returns on
guitars,while Sam makes the switch to bass.

Members of Grotesqueuphoria

Current Members:
Sam Lara. Role: Bass, Vocals
Doug Randazzo. Role: Guitars, Vocals
Leo Bakman. Role: Guitars
Gabe Madsen. Role: Drums, Vocals


CD: Euphoric Discordance (2002)
CD: Conquered By Corruption (2003)

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