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Год образования: 2004
Страна: Spain
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Биография группы

ORIKRON HISTORY Speaking with heart in fist, Orikron in his only year of existence has had muchisimos bumps, seasons in
that it seemed that the group would vanish for always, seasons in that union was perfect, and seasons that happened what
happened, the beneficiary always would be the same one. But this group seted out from the day that was born (4 of April of
2004) that ilusion is a priority factor for the elaboration of a project, and that is what never we have lost, ilusion to
follow ahead, to remove our songs and to demonstrate that we can arrive very high. The truth esque to form a musica group,
the components that they want to form it already must of have meditated the decision and must have a minimum of knowledge
of the musical world. To Orikron I sweat the pullet to know to him of music and to meditate the decision jeje... Sabiamos
what we liked, envidiabamos to our favorite and queriamos groups to very well express our ideals so that all knew that
coсo we thought. Then the night of the 4 of April of 2004, I turn out to agree with a celebration organized by the club of
handball in trinquet of Alcбcer and we decided to go, not without before mounting buya like was normal in house of Alpaca
(our present battery). That Juanky night (our present singer) a letter was engaged in that imprimiу that according to him,
was of tio that made letters satanic. And from ahi we began to do the gross one singing that song. Hours but late, we went
to the aforesaid celebration and the cubalitros of calimocho ended our occultism facing forming a group. The decision we
took it once we tranquilized ourselves to be shouting all puta night KANGRENAAAAAAAAAAAAA and not whichever very fruitful
pullets but that nor agreed... nobody clear tapeworm in the beginning that instrument was going to touch but little by
little we were organizandonos and yegando to agreements, agreements. We took so single 3 days in deciding that instrument
would be the one that would belong to each one. We joined tantisima people that we doubted that well that came out because
in the beginning pretendiamos to be 7 people (same who now but with a guitarist but and a teclista) but little by little
we will be saying because we are 5 people now. The first test will be in the mind of all the components of the group.
Despues was three days of that night of illusions. The test was in house of Alpaca, that since already I have mentioned
before, is our battery. They would be the 6 of afternoon when we appeared Juanky, David, Pelaez, Nando, Martн that is a
colleague ours and to helped to us once in a while with some song, Borja that is our to manager, and Emilio who shared
with us 8 months as third guitarist but but ahead we comment because of its march. As it were commenting, the presentation
could not better be. David at the moment did not have electrical guitar, which entailed to that tuvieramos us that to
conform to its super Spanish guitar of its father xD. Nando but did not have well na... what it made him make use of
contacts. Parecia to be that his tio kept a MUSTANG from 1986 and ampli by house, thing that fell immediately into the
hands of Nando and with that appeared in house of Alpaca. Emilio already had electrica guitar and ampli with which he did
not have to make nothing extraordinary to appear there. Juanky appeared without na because it at the same time supposed
the paper (then) of bear and singer, but by those times neither habia under nor habia micro. Pelaez also appeared without
na due to assumeing the role (then) of battery, therefore neither bateria nor ostias. Alpaca (then) at the same time
assumed a dificil but pretty role, the one of teclista, because already tapeworm something of piano notion and disponia of
an organ of its sister. Almost all with instruments and many desire, began a test that last around two hours, with which
single a deafening and estridente noise of desafinadas guitars and one could be perceived bateria composed by boxes of
oranges and a door of chimney that served as subject of gossip... Offer GЬEVOS! Once made the first test, a few days were
going away but to house of Alpaca to try and so but we realized of which it was not system to be 7 tios put in a house
giving by ass to the neighbors teaching to them I magnify noise that sabiamos at that time to do. It was the first stage
in which Orikron underwent so single a quite considerable bassoon with a month of life. Pelaez did not know very clearly
its future like battery, and Alpaca called muchisimo to him the percussion, with which Orikron underwent its first change,
transcendental for the evolution of the group. Alpaca occupied the vacancy left by Pelaez in the battery and Pelaez
occupied the bear position with which Juanky was as unico singer and the keyboard disappeared of the objectives of
Orikron. Therefore the group stayed as guitarists to Emilio, David and Nando, the bearish one was Pelaez, the singing one
was Juanky and bateria was Alpaca. All contentments and the organization of the group at the moment was the one that
touched was necessary to happen to the second objective: to find the test premises. Making a parenthesis, she is possible
to mention that the letters of Orikron have had, despues of the multiple problems and ties to find the premises
minimamente decent, an aggressive and revolutionary character but that the anticipated thing from a principle. Now we will
comment because of so many ties. We chose to ask the city council of Alcбcer like first resource since in the Youthful
Information center, a group of Alcбcer also, calls SVA-TERS to that we must much, tried at that time ahi. Which we went to
inform to us into the subject of the premises. It will remember all my life that late that we were Alpaca, Nando and David
to the city council to speak with a girl who is called Amaya that took care of to us of per them. It said that first
hablaramos to us with comentaramos SVA-TERS to soon cuadrar hour and him to her the subject. It turned out to agree that
Alpaca lived next to one on the components of Sva-ters whose name is Antonio known Martinez but like the TONETI. We spoke
with and it said to us that enchanted they were to have a group but in the youthful center. We communicated the city
council and the city council yielded the place to us. They were the days in which Orikron, without having neither puta
music idea nor knowing like cuadrar one puta song, felt like happy porq the merits that had made be able a place to try
without above paying ningun type of rent and with good company. That a group could more request that did not know
anything? Our following test, day 21 of May of 2004 was made in the youthful center of alcбcer. They commented us to go to
by the key to the city council and giving back it in each test with which asi we did. We did ours second friendship with a
component of Sva-ters. Grandнsimo and unconquerable Jose known Maria but as REILLO (percusionista of Sva-ters) were
purulando by the youthful center (from now on will call CIJ) and gave the welcome so us and. At the moment single guitars
habian, although we saw a battery there that era of REILLO but we did not comment anything to him to use it or if us podia
to render with which the first test in the CIJ was the awaited thing... ANOTHER PUTA EXCREMENT! Jejeje... but that late we
saw something of fruitful. We knew much but people of Sva-ters because immediately afterwards to finish we they and among
them began emphasize over all the one that to helped us to that ORIKRON at the present time is a musica group, the one
that to fought because the guitarists are something but that nascent... really, the one that to taught to touch to us
less... neither but nor than the great teacher of the teachers, the solista guitar of Sva-ters DANI. We commented that
eramos a nascent group to him and that would intere

st to us that it gave guitar class us because we did not know anything.
Dani I do not doubt in agreeing with the head and the following week to that (Thursday), already had given ours first
class us of guitar that was based on the knowledge of the tones and agreed halftones and on the basic ones of guitar. By
those dates, Alpaca already had wagged the ass and had asked REILLO, that I turn out to be very neighboring his like podia
to mount to know how to touch bateria so and with which it also gave consejillos him. The second test in the CIJ or had
something but of color that the previous ones because the rock or went with the learned lesson. That late we were also
with Reillo, which also was purulando by alli. Then we decided to shape what in a class we had learned the guitars next to
which in minutes it taught to Reillo to Alpaca of battery, in the project of ours "first" song to him, and entrecomillo
first because in agreement ibamos acquiring but experience jejeje went away to take by ass that good song... but, you had
parido and that was what to at the moment it mattered us. He was 28 of May of 2004. The song the Emilio guitar componian a
pair of notes, such as the DO and the minor, and one notices like the SUN greater than it sounded of ampli of excrement of
Nando jeje... To mention fits that David at the moment not disponia of electrical guitar. Bateria single componia by a
timido blow of big drum and a blow of box and asi we spent two hours that translated a normal group could be an eternity,
but to us they seemed to us 5 minutes. In agreement we went going to class the guitarists and in agreement Alpaca was
looking for the life the group was acquiring every time but heviata color jeje... our friendship with Sva-ters was
incredible, they dealed with to us luxury and traspнйs and estabamos but united we never put no tie to us nor was ningun
that never. They were moments at which Orikron caressed the glory. Estabamos of puta mother never rather... but all the
good one has an aim.... Towards half-full of August... one it takes that we lowered to try to the premises, SAM, the
carrier of instruments of Sva-ters with that also we have great friendship communicated something to us that I congeal the
blood to us. Being was who in that premises, every summer, our queridisimos friends of the SERVEF make a short course in
that premises, which us towards leaving the CIJ at the moment until those of the SERVEF let use it. Its hour one was of
Monday through Friday which the podiamos sabados ones to try... therefore was putada but a something habiamos bran. And
aqui where it begins the second stage and but possibly lasts of the existence of Orikron. The people who acudia to the
short course did not respect the coexistence norms and soiled, broke, touched material without permission and I even get
myself to say that they robbed things. The shout put in the sky by part ours and of Sva-ters which we went to the city
council to speak with Amaya to say the attitude to him that had taken this people. One offered to say it to the
coordinator but of anything sirvio to it since the problems worsened but with the incorporation of young people to the
short course. As the problems did not stop we had to take justice us by our hand speaking with the coordinator and saying
that they let do the halter that that was not his... but nothing it was going to change... A month despues informed to us
into which already it was going to sink to Orikron... the CIJ had been long disqualified time and needed to make works...
works that comenzarian immediately afterwards of which the SERVEF outside ahi. With which we had to dismiss to us not
without before making a true afternoon of heavy metal. We invited a group that we know the CIJ that is called TRAGEDY that
already conociamos and we touched at night from the 4 to the 9. Late a night that Orikron always tendra in its mind. Dit
and fet as they dirian here, we had to evacuate the CIJ of all the material and to hope to that the works finished, works
that to day of today have not finished (we do not know either if not even they have begun). It was the worse stage of
Orikron. During 5 long months we were without touching in group all and Alpaca was without 5 months of battery with the
good progression that took since it began... was the other face of the reality. The continuous visits to the city council
reavivavan the flame of the hope. A flame that finished extinguishing itself completely, as if puсetazo had given when
knowing the worse enemy than it could have had Orikron in his trajectory: its name is CAR IT to ME. To be the worse enemy
jamas known by all the components the group and but the despicable one to be that they have been able to him to throw to
the face to anyone. I am to be the cocejal of celebrations and youth... the person who in theory tapeworm that to inform
to us retail into works and their importance and when podria to return to be used the premises. Everything was hopes, that
are convertian ibamos lies whenever to speak with, even habia people by under their position that wise but that the
information that it provided to us. We were in January of 2005, habia spent a year of which they are in the memory. But
the CIJ was not even finished. It completes conversation that was with CAR IT to ME was for saying to us that to the
exchange premises of activity in a chulesco tone and despota. That sera day remembered by all alli present. Orikron always
went to speak with Car it to me in educated tone and it always gave bad answers us and I even treat to us by subnormal. I
complete day we found out that the CIJ was going to change of activity, that no longer Serbian to go to be called on and
that podria not to be possible its return. A fatнdico day the truth... but all group that is born with ilusion, follows it
and it obtains it indeed and. In spite of all the ties that have put to us and in spite of everything, we returned to
house of Alpaca to try. Alpaca I even buy a battery with the money that it had saved and David and Nando, having the
closed CIJ, seguian with its progression in house touching by free and continuous Dani giving classes them. And good... to
day of today Orikron it tries when it can in house of Alpaca and to day of today they have 5 begun songs and one finished
and never has surrendered because ilusion is not lost if you want it to carry out. A greeting and HEAVY METAL FOREVER.

Участники группы Orikron

Текущий состав:
Juan Carlos Vay? Ramos. Роль в группе: Vocals
Francisco Pav?n Ll?cer (Paco). Роль в группе: Drums
Jose Antonio Pel?ez Ortega. Роль в группе: Bass
David Penella Andr?s. Роль в группе: Rhythm Guitars
Fernando Margareto Grau. Роль в группе: Lead Guitars


CD: Orikron (2005)

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