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Стиль: Melodic Industrial Metal
Год образования: 2004
Страна: USA
Просмотров: 2370. Обновление: 16 July, 2005 by Project Moderators

Биография группы

(Skripture) formed in late 2004 , band members (Devin)-Bass/vocals and (Justice)-Rythym Guitar formerly of L.A. based
band (Petroleum) ; decided after about a year and a half , to form a new band. In 2005 (skripture) found their missing
link , (Paul)-Drummer. Paul is formerly of L.A. based band (Sick). They then ran into a good friend , (Will) formerly of
L.A. based band (Demise) ; who is now the lead guitarist.The band hopes to leave a dent in the music world , and have fun
with their first love ; (music).

Участники группы Skripture

Текущий состав:
Paul. Роль в группе: Drums
Devin Devoor. Роль в группе: Lead Vocals, Bass
Justice. Роль в группе: Rhythm Guitars
Will. Роль в группе: Lead Guitars


Demo: Inside You (2005)

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