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Style: Metal
Year of birth: 2001
Country: Belgium
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Biography of Band

Skitsoy is a strange band. Without even having released one record, they already have a whole band history. It all
started in 2001. Quite a while after Channel Zero disbanded, former singer Franky Desmet-Vandamme feels it's way too early
for him to abandon music and he comes up with a new project, called Skitsoy. In March 2002 they start playing their songs
live all across Belgium. Without realising it, they embark on a 3-year odyssee. They conquered the crowd at lots of
festivals and saw their fan base grow bit by bit. But 2 singles that got almost completely ignored, troubles with the
label and the replacement of the guitar player, kept pushing back the release of the record. By this time, many had
already written off Skitsoy.

But here it is! After years of hard work the record is finished, and the band (Franky Desmet-Vandamme on vocals, Peter
Fizgal on guitars, Yannick Uyttenhove on bass) are very proud to be finally able to release it. The album is called 'Come
2 Belgium' and contains 11 steaming rock songs. Frontman Franky DSVD likes to describe it as Energy Rock. Think about how
it would sound if Rage against the Machine's Timmy C would play bass guitar for Soundgarden, with instead of Chris Cornell
the fantastic voice of Franky Desmet-Vandamme. (We don't need to introduce you to that one, do we?) At first we
immediately notice the big evolution the band has gone through since we first heard them 3 years ago. All songs have
changed pretty much and the result is there to be heard! Also to be remarked is producer Attie Bauw (Channel Zero, Judas
Priest) who did a world class job and clearly left his mark on this record. As for the band itself, especially Yannick
Uyttenhove shines like he never did before on his bass guitar.

Opening track 'Disconnect' begins in a very pompous style, a bit 'Cochise'-like. (Audioslave, wasn't that already the
RATM - Soundgarden fusion?). From the beginning it is very clear that DSVD is back, and how! The killer riff on 'On Fire'
pushes us straight on towards 'One Good Reason'. Lyrically this song is a powerful uppercut addressed to all the naysayers
and the critics of the last years, to be compared with Guns 'n Roses' 'Get in the Ring'. Musically the song reaches its
climax towards the end with a shrieking guitar sound launching into a general jump-feeling, reminding us of the power and
energy of Rage against the Machine's 'Freedom'. 'Never Forgive' follows next and is the slowest, most emotional song on
the record.

The second half of the record contains the two earlier singles, 'Come to Belgium' and 'Brainfucking', which goes from a
funky, upbeat verse into a smashing last chorus. These songs can hardly be compared with the earlier versions. Then, after
a heavy rocking 'Survive' we get what is probably the best song on the album. 'Can't loose' is a six-minute track with
great variation and is especially towards the end very powerful. Finally, the record closes with 'Money'. 'Money is the
dirt that tastes really well, isn't that all what this society is about?

We can only come to the conclusion that these years of hard work have not at all been fruitless for Franky and his band.
What we hear is a well-balanced, heavy sounding record, which just begs to be played live. And we're sure the band are,
after all this time, very excited to go out on the road and smash their energy rock in our faces. Come 2 Belgium is
recorded in the Wisseloord Studio's in Holland and the album has been Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Attie Bauw at the
BauwHaus studio in Amsterdam !

Members of Skitsoy

Current Members:
Franky (D.S.V.D.). Role: Vocals
Side projects: Channel Zero
Peter Fizgal. Role: Guitars
Yannick Uyttenhove. Role: Bass


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