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Style: Melodic Heavy Metal
Year of birth: 1996
Country: Canada
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Biography of Band

YOUR ENVY's latest project is based on the anti-genre style of music which they created for themselves back in the late
90's. The band creates an atmosphere of uncertainty and surprise while listening to their music. Styles range from bright
acoustic ballads ("Slowly, Painfully") to ripping metal riffs ("Dark Times"), and everything in between. With the addition
of Aaron Molly on drums, the band now has a very dynamic and more technical sound. Upbeat powerful riffs dominate in the
new recordings. The original recording members Shawn and Andrew arrange production, songwriting and recording of all

Members of Your Envy

Current Members:
Shawn Sherwood (Founder). In Band at: 1996 - . Role: Guitars, Vocals
Andrew Kiiskila. In Band at: 2000 - . Role: Bass, Vocals
Aaron Molly. In Band at: 2003 - . Role: Drums
Past Members:
Tylr Wladyko (Founder). Period: 1996 - 2001. Role: Drums
Tim Nosworthy. Period: 1998 - 2001. Role: Bass


Demo: 15 Minutes of Fury (2001)
Comment: Was recorded in a few days, and very few copies were ever made. The first recorded song was
Disillusional, a fast paced, double bass, metal song.
CD: Dark Times (2002)
Comment: Followed in the footsteps of the previous cd. With over 60 songs recorded in the studio, 20 tracks
were chosen for the final copy. Hundreds of internet downloads, and quite a few copies of this album were released, and
allowed Your Envy to improve on the current song ideas.
CD: Escape the Undertow (2003)
Comment: xploring new song structures, the band settled on a more mellow, but with heavy aspects
approach to the music. This album had the most downloads and copies given out to the public than any previous one. Aaron
provides a guest appearance on track 12, and later becomes their full time drummer. Many from this album planned to be
re-recorded for the Debut 2005 release.

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