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Стиль: Technical / Progressive Death Metal
Год образования: 1996
Страна: Italy
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Биография группы

“kenтs” project started in 1996 from an idea by Marcello Fachin and Domenico Conte; they decided to create a death- metal
band. Marcello and Domenico’s first line-up named “Underwise”, it was the first great step for their musical project.
“Underwise” thanks to its technical skills and songwriting captured in short time the local underground scene.
Nevertheless some of the musicians waren’t ready to begin a serious project and so the band broke up.
The two founders continued to sent their hope on doing music and immediately started to looking for three new members of
the band. They found these musicians coming from other affirmed groups: Arachnes, Beethven and Dracona.
In 2001 band’s name changed in “Kenтs”. The skills of the new musicians allowed the band to start a serious sonwriting
and in a few time they began an intensive live activity, supported also by a strong fans’encouragement.
Kenтs’sound was hard to define: a strong “american” riffing with keybords and female vocal accompany on heavy drumming.
With this new line-up, Kenтs, in 2002 realized for “Mae Production” their first record, a 40- minutes cd entitled “Rigor
Mortis”, which sould out 1000 copies in the first six months.
“Rigor Mortis” was appreciated by italian and foreign critics; they published many reviews in the most important
megazines and webzines. Thanks to that , in 2002, the band found new energies to start a new season of live shows and
intense songwriting.
This great activity allows the band to be brought into contact with the italian undrgound scene and to be asked by small
labels to realize other copies of their first work. The band rejected all these offers because of their dissatifaction
with the sound they had reached.
In order to solve this problem, they decided to change also this line-up: the female singer (Valentina) left the band
followed by Michele (keyboards) and a new singer Alex (coming from Dracona) replaced Tommy.
In a very short time the band wrote something about 50 minutes of music: it seemed to be the right and definite line-up.
Finally they were able to write the kind of music they really wanted.
Their music was a sort of fast and technical death metal, opened to a lot of contaminations, from classical to ethnical
and electronic music. Songs were long and complex; they were full of changing of sensations, from violent to melodic.
These was exactly the sound Kenтs were searching for.
In the late 2002 the band met a young producer, Giuseppe Morazzoni, who believed in them and decided to begin a
collaboration. In January 2003 Kenтs produced a new cd: “Intersection”.
The songs were recorded in four months of hard work using the state- of- the art technique.
Meanwhile Kenтs slowed down their live activity, however they opened some concerts of acclaimed bands like The Crown, God
Dethroned, Entombed and Novembre.
On May 28th the band released 1000 promo copies included two songs from “Intersection” and a bonus track.
In 2004 Kenтs starting a cooperation with Italian "Blasted Management Agency".
On Decamber 2004 the band released a new album for "Adrenaline Records / I.Nu.Man Recordings" titled: "Intersection".

Участники группы Kenos

Текущий состав:
Alex. Роль в группе: Vocals
Cello. Роль в группе: Bass
Jaco. Роль в группе: Guitars
Domenaz. Роль в группе: Guitars
Serz. Роль в группе: Drums


CD: Rigor Mortis (2002) Студия: MAE Productions.
EP: Extracted From Intersection (2003) Студия: Indy Records.
CD: Intersecion (2004) Студия: I.Nu.Man Recordings.

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