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Style: Melodic Death Metal
Year of birth: 2004
Country: USA
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Biography of Band

Waking The Destroyer was formed in September 2004 by the original founding members, Tony Cavalli (Vocals), Ali Khashoggi
(Lead Guitar). The band was soon fully complete by recruting Chris Gilbertson (Bass), and Avery Hardin (Rhythm Guitar).
The band spent a couple months practicing and writing new material, then recorded there first four song demo in November
2004. The band spent the next five months playing shows and building a fan base in the Santa Barbara area. In April 2005
three of the members decided to call it quits in search of something new, and the Destroyer was no more. After some time
apart the band decided to rejoin in May 2005, all the original members returned, except for replacing John Firestone with
Alex Chantes (Drums).. So with the new Waking the Destroyer up and running, the band has spent everyday writing new
material and honing its brutal sound. With the intensity of the blood churning vocals, shredding guitar harmonys, and
crushing bass rhythms the new material is in a league of its own. With the addition of Alex Chantes on drums it's taken
the Destroyer to a whole new level never dreamed of before. With the band back together and better then ever, Waking The
Destroyer will be recording there new CD and it should be out by the end of summer.

Members of Waking The Destroyer

Current Members:
Tony Cavalli. Role: Vocals
Ali Khashoggi. Role: Guitars
Avery Hardin. Role: Guitars
Chris Gilberson. Role: Bass
Alex Chantes. Role: Drums


Demo: Demo (2005)
Comment: Upcoming.

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