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Style: Progressive / Thrash Metal
Year of birth: 1999
Country: Bangladesh
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Biography of Band

Artcell is a progressive metal band of Bangladesh. The band is arguably the first progressive metal band of the country
and usually experiments with tunes from other metal genres such as grunge and thrash. According to their fans--Artcell is
considered the best ever metal band of Bangladesh or south-east asia!

Mixed albums:
Aguntok I
Song: Ostitter Dike ; Track number - 10; Track length - 5:55
Aguntok II
Song - Chile Kothar Shepai ; Track number - 2; Track length - 6:48
Aguntok III
Song - bangladesh...sreety o amra ; Track number - 2; Track length - 5:37
Din Bodol
Song - Aashirbaad - feat Black and Cryptic Fate; Track number - 1; Track length - 5:40
Song: Chherha Akash ; Track number - 3; Track length - 6:02
Song: Dukkho Bilash ; Track number - 4; Track length - 6:40
Song: Opshori ; Track number - 10; Track length - 5:33

According to a recent interview given to AmaderGaan ( the band is about to release another solo
album later this year (2005).

External links (mp3s):

Members of Artcell

Current Members:
Lincoln. Role: Vocals, Rhythm Guitars
Ershad. Role: Lead Guitars
Cezanne. Role: Bass
Side projects: Warfaze
Shaju. Role: Drums


CD: Onno Shomoy (2002) Studio: G-Series.

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