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Style: Metalcore
Year of birth: 2002
Country: Malta
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Biography of Band

In the year of 2002, three days before Christmas, two young and immature kids decided to form a practice band, initially
without a name. The aim of this was to improve on an instrument. Ian had been playing the guitar for months before Lix
bought a drum kit for Christmas in order to start a new hobby. Little did they know that this practice band was going to
solidify into something stable and worthwhile.

Lix and Ian were new to the metal scene, into bands and influences that catch young audiences. After more work out of the
two, they created two songs of the level you’d expect two young musicians to make. They were hopelessly noisy and there
was no structure in their work. But then again, if it weren’t for this, there would have been no evolution. Later on,
Simon Corrieri purchased a new guitar, a Stagg Flying V. This guitar proved loyal to him, not only because it earned him a
place in his first band but also because it lasted long enough for the band to create new material. By the end of the year
of 2003, the band had five so-called ‘songs’. The band, back then known as ‘Cut-Throat’, faced criticism and setbacks made
by local kids. This was all expected but it made it harder for them to stabilise. After recording their work on a CD, they
realised that they need more work and practice, but the thing that struck them to most was the need for a bassist.
The band decided on the name ‘Calvarium’ some time in 2004 and it stuck to them till this day. It wasn’t long before Lix
convinced close friend Francesco De Battista to purchase a bass, after getting him into the metal scene. Cesco was over
enthusiastic and showed dedication right from the start, filling the slot for a bassist and offering his advice. The band
got along well despite the common arguments you’d expect from every human being. By this time, summer of 2004, the band’s
musical capabilities were far superior to their past, obviously through practice. The band was working on ‘Risen’, their
first full-length album. Even though people had little faith in their success in finalising this album, the band was doing
good progress, improving songs as time went by. By September 2004, the band took part in a Battle of the Bands, achieving
second place. This signified that their material needed work, and soon after, the band improved all material, even if it
meant re starting the whole process. On the 1st of November, a gig with band mates MORTE was held at signals. The crowd
lacked enthusiasm to the metal scene, since the Metal audience in Malta didn’t know the bands but nonetheless, the band
advanced a step further. They knew they were in grave need of a vocalist, and Munir was the right guy to fill in this
role. Being friends with most of the members, he was accepted with open arms after proving himself capable of singing to
the bands music.

Now, Calvarium are in the studio recording material and finalising the last few tracks, hoping to expand their name and
music across the islands.

Although the band is young, it is already renound among metal fans, in Malta, soon to grow abroad.

Members of Calvarium

Current Members:
Simon. Role: Rhythm Guitars
Ian. Role: Lead Guitars
Lix. Role: Drums
Cesco. Role: Bass
Munir. Role: Vocals


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