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Style: Neo Progressive / Power Metal
Year of birth: 2004
Country: Canada
Views: 6452. Updated: 09 August, 2006 by 1

Biography of Band

The group Maestro was born during the fall 2004, with the meeting of singer Dany Milett and guitarist Maestro Pero, both from Quebec, Canada. Maestro Pero was then deeply moved by the undeniable talent of young singer Dany Milett. The guitarist took the project into his own hands and composed the album Diary of a Vampire.

In the following months, Rolando Snino and Sebastian Seclo joined the band, but left after the recording of the album. They were quickly replaced by great drummer Maximus and stage beast Oliver Scott on the bass. Maestro is now ready to take over the world.

Inspired by the mysterious theme vampirism is, the album Diary of a Vampire was composed, arranged, rehearsed and recorded in
less than four months. The musical genre of Maestro is very hard to describe, as it flirts with Heavy Metal, Gothic Metal and Progressive Metal. The song structures remain simple but the riffs are elaborated. Maestro Pero’s experience in composing and arranging songs is clearly felt in the lyricism of his melodies and the quality of the harmony.

Maestro Pero, trained guitarist, has a long list of stage experience, song writing and musical studies. He is the holder of a
Bachelor and a Master degree in Music Education and has studied for two years in a Doctorate program, also in Music Education. He has already appeared in hundreds of music shows, from classical music to Heavy Metal, Progressive Rock and Jazz.

Despite all these years spent studying, Maestro Pero had never felt satisfied with his knowledge regarding Rock Music. (Please
note that the term Rock Music includes all kinds of music associated with this genre, such as Heavy Metal) He then wrote books, teaching methods and even experimental works about Rock Music. He is the creator of the first standardization of a grand ensemble for Rock Music: the Electro-Symphonic Orchestra. He has also written and arranged numerous works for this type of ensemble and its integration in school programs.

This not being enough to quench his thirst for Rock Music knowledge, he has composed seven Rock Operas for soloists, chorus and
grand ensemble. Here again, it is important to note the difference between a musical (ex.: Notre-Dame-de-Paris) and a Rock Opera (ex.: Helen of Troy), the later being of a greatest musical complexity, made of real Rock Music and respecting theatrical dynamics.
Maestro Pero now believes time is up to en extreme approach to Metal Music: Maestro.
Lead singer of Maestro, Dany Milette was inspired by the great rock singers of our time: Michael Sweet, Bruce Dickinson, Eric
Adams, Jim Gilett, Rob Halford, Mark Boals, Fabio Lione, Klaus Meine, Don Dokken, Freddy Mercury and Ronnie James Dio. Dany also adds to his influences famous classical singers such as Maria Callas and Cecilia Bartoli.

Born with a soprano voice, Dany has kept it into adulthood and worked on his tenor and coloratura range. During his classical
training, he studied Bel Canto and sang castrato melodies. But for the Rock repertoire, that includes a variety of tones, Dany has studied and created a new vocal approach. His voice covers up to four octaves.

It is widely known that Dany has an inclination towards physical training. It certainly adds up to his singing abilities. Rumours
are also often heard that he would have native roots.

New bassist of the band, Oliver Scott is really a stage beast that everybody must see live. Former member of bands like « Angel of
Pain », « Galaxiah » and « Wishmistress », Scott made his way through the hard path of Rock Music. His major influences are John Myung of « Dream Theater », Joey Demaio of « Manowar » and Power Metal bands like « Edguy » and « Kamelot ».

Despite of is young age, Oliver Scott has a long history of musical training : 5 years of classical piano, 3 years of rock guitar, 5 years of bass guitar and 7 years of composition and orchestration training. Maestro Pero was involved directly with Scott’s harmony and orchestration training.

As for his hobbies, he likes to modify cars and is involved with a Dungeons and Dragons group. And of course, Scott is an addict of movies like « The Matrix » and « Lord of the Rings ». Oliver Scott’s way of life would be described as : Be yourself, practice hard and enjoy life.

New drummer of Maestro, Maximus is described by spectators and Maestro Pero as the ultimate drumming machine. Founder of the Power Metal band « Angel of Pain », he worked for countless music projects. He even teamed up with Maestro Pero for Brigitte L.A.’s « Flesh for Feelings » tour.

Despite of is young age, Maximus has a large musical training and many years of drum training. Not only can he sight read his drum lines, he can play guitar, bass, and write music easily. Maestro Pero seemed to be involved in part of his musical training. As for a piece of advice, Maximus would say : « You got to sweat to get better ». His influences are : « Dream Theater », « Iron Maiden », « Manowar », « Rhapsody », and « Nightwish ».

As for his hobbies, he likes to modify cars and rock climb. He also likes to eat well, roller skate and snowboard (since we have great winters in Canada). Maximus has only one weakness : « Skittles ».

Members of Maestro

Current Members:
Maestro Pero (Founder). Role: Guitars, Vocals
Oliver Scott. Role: Bass, Vocals
Maximus. Role: Drums
Jessica Grave. In Band at: 2006 - . Role: Vocals
Past Members:
Dany Milett (Founder). Role: Vocals
Sebastian Seclo. Role: Bass
Rolando Snino. Role: Drums


CD: Diary of a Vampire (2005) Tracklist.
MCD: Through the Ice Storm (2006) Tracklist.

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