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Стиль: Doom / Power Metal
Год образования: 1999
Страна: Russia
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Биография группы

The history of the band SLAVERY started in 1999. Three young men - Dmitry Skryabin (guitars/vocals), Yury Yefanov (guitars) and Anatoly
Tikhonov (drums) - set up a band. At that time they weren't worried much about the style, they weren't worried about anything as they
still studied at school. At the moment none of them could play at all. The guitarists to be had never held guitars in their hands and the
drummer knew nothing about the drumms. They all realized a little what they were going to do. But it couldn't prevent them. First of all
they thought up the name and went to have their photos. The fourth guy at the photo (the second from right to left) is their school
friend. He was half forced to be a keyboardist. It was never made clear whether he could play keyboards or not... After that the bandmates
went together to a music school to learn how to play.
As they learned how to hold the guitars, pull the strings, beat the drumms, they started creating songs. They also began to play
cover-versions of some songs of the popular bands such as Aria, Metallica, Korrosia Metalla etc. Perhaps the only style that was never
touched by the musicians is "Russian rock"... So everything took its normal course. Different musicians - bas-guitarists, vocalists,
keyboardists - came and left. But it was no use. For some reason they couldn't work normally... And only three musicians remained at their
places. They kept some already formed idea of the band SLAVERY.
In this staff Slavery played its first live-concert at the New Year party at school. The girl on the photo is Marina Bogacheva. She was a
keyboardist. The musicians were very nervous, but everything was all right, the audience loved their performance. After that the band
began to perform on the concert grounds of the town Dolgoprudny at different parties and live concerts. Once they even had a chance to
play at the festival dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patric War. Apart from them there were children choirs
and folk ensembles. They played the song about the suicide owing to the death of the loved one and gained no place, nevetheless the mayor
of the town gave them a diploma.
And again musicians came and left. The experiment with woman vocal was held (Maria Arkhipova). But after half a year the experiment
failed accompaning with the serious quarrel with the vocalist, she had to leave. Everything came to what it had been before. The next in
turn musicians were drawn in including the vocalist (Alexandr Obukhov), bas-guitarist (Maksim Ryabokon) and keyboardist (Olga
Perepelkina). Finally it seemed that this staff was to become the definitive one. Yet it was not... Among the bandmates the new row
appeared again. It was caused by the disparity of the views on the development of the band and personal conflicts. The band was divided in
two parts: Dmitry with the vocalist and bas-guitarist left and set up their own project. And Yury, Anatoly and the keyboardist (Olga
Perepelkina) proceeded with the history of SLAVERY.
The period of quarrels and disagreements has gone away. The style of the band has clarified itself - Doom-Power metal. It represents
heavy melodious music with academic woman vocals and gloomy lyrics in russian. The vocalist (Olga Salikhova) and bas-guitarist (Irina
Shergalina) have been drawn in. The demo was recorded and the band started to play in Moscow clubs. The new songs have been written and
the arrangements have become more complex. Because of the personal problems the keyboardist had to leave the band. Anna Shashkova has
taken her place. So everything is taking its normal course...

Участники группы Slavery

Текущий состав:
Olga Mashkina. Роль в группе: Vocals
Irina Shergalina. Роль в группе: Bass
Anna Shashkova. Роль в группе: Keyboards
Anatoly Tikhonov. Роль в группе: Drums
Yury Efanov. Роль в группе: Guitars


Demo: Dead Piones Lager (2002)
Compilation: deMONSTRation of power (2003) Студия: Power records.
Demo: Falling Heavens (2003)

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