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Style: Black Metal
Year of birth: 1997
Country: USA
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Biography of Band

Black Trinity was formed in 1997 after the break up of Cleveland, Ohio's Noktuary. Black Trinity then consisted of Surt on drums and
vocals and Hymir on Guitar and Bass. A few rehearsal tapes were recorded and the band was put on hold. Due to several other factors
Hymir departed and Surt then went on to other projects such as Sanctorum (melodic death metal) and Myth (Viking Metal).

In July 2001, Surt was introduced to Shadow Thorn (Myth) who was asked to join in on guitars and once again Black Trinity started
taking shape. Hymir returned on guitars in November 2001 and Shroud was added on bass as a temporary fill in. After Shroud was released,
former Noktuary vocalist Hellfrost joined and current Bassist Arawn was added a few months later and Black Trinity had a full line up.

In 2002 Black Trinity recorded a self titled 3 song demo at Underground studios in Cleveland, Ohio. After a year Hellfrost decided
to leave the band to concentrate on his own style of music and Black Trinity went back to Underground Studios in November 2002 to record
their second demo titled "DevilWorship". Only 100 hand numbered copies were made.

In April 2003 Shadowthorne was released from the band and Khaine joined in on vocals a few months later. A 3rd demo titled” Of
Darkness Divine" was recorded at Underground Studios on May 2003. After a great response from the metal community, Black Trinity entered
Tack Six Studios and re-released” of Darkness Divine" with new artwork on November 2003. Ibex (Noktuary Bassist) returned to join in on
guitars in January 2004 and Black Trinity is now once again going full force driving the waning metal scene into oblivion with its Old
School Black Metal.

Black Trinity returned to Track Six Studios and Recorded their upcoming Full length album titled "Demonic Pleasures” on October 2004.
This recording delivers a sound and style that is not matched by many in the Black Metal scene.

Members of Black Trinity

Current Members:
Surt. Role: Drums
Hymir. Role: Guitars
Ibwx. Role: Guitars
Hatred. Role: Vocals


Demo: Demo CD-R (2002) Tracklist.
Demo: Devil Worship (2003) Tracklist.
Promo: Triumph in Blasphemy (2003)
Comment: This single was used for promotional purposes only.
Only 25 made.
Demo: Of Darkness Divine (2003) Tracklist.
Comment: 50 Limited CD-R's were pressed with cover.

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