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Style: Heavy Metal / Punk
Year of birth: 1985
Country: Turkey
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Biography of Band

Founded by high school students Alper,Bastepe,Ersoz,M.Erman in 1985 as SKULL in Ankara.When they all entered the med school they changed
their name into Dr.Skull so the legend has begun.They choose a skull which they had stolen from the lab as their mascot with punk hair
style and earrings they added of course.They called it Vehbi (the name of ex Minister of Education to protest him).

After some great shows they recorded their first album Wory Zover in 1986.Wory Zover is meant 'War is over' and also the name of the
green frog at Vehbi's top on the album cover.Altough the quality of the recording is not very good the album contains very succesful heavy
metal songs.In this album,band sounded classic heavy metal,the songs are both protesting and emotional.There were great twin guitar
harmonies,ballads and total heavy metal songs in the album.

Their second album Rools 4 Fools were a big hit for Turkish H.Metal world.With their previous recording experience they recorded a
ultimate album which cannot be taken as a specific metal album.They used all kinds of metal melodies and riffs in the album.There were
nine songs in the album but all sounded different.Dr.Skull used all musical stuff and mixed them in the songs.The album is effected by
classical music,thrash,punk,heavy metal,european folk,turkish folk and even rap.There is even a song dedicated to Samantha Fox in the
album.All 3 members except bass player sang the song which they wrote that made every song sound different.

After releasing R4F,a few months later Guitarist/singer and co-song writer Murat Bastepe left the band and moved to America for
education.This unexpected departure damaged the band badly.So they were not able to promote their new album with gigs.At first the band
decided to continue as a trio Alper drums/vocals,Ersoz guitars and Erman Bass.But for the live performances they needed a singer.Serdar
joined as the lead singer and sax player.With that lineup Dr.Skull released their third album Hersey Yolunda?!(Means everything is
allright in English,ironically nothing was allright at that moment in Turkey).There were white lambs and a black lamb in the cover of the
album to express their contrast and protest.The album sounded different than other Skull albums.Because Alper take the position of main
songwriter and Twin guitar tricks are reduced for live playability.The album sounded more energic and fast like punk metal.All lyrics are
very ironic and in Turkish for the first time.

After that succesful album Dr. Skull broke up to concentrate on their med carrier.They were considered as the best heavy metal band in
Turkey.Later Alper founded Turkish heavy metal Karakedi and made an album with them.

Members of Dr.Skull

Current Members:
Murat Bastepe. Role: Guitars, Vocals
Murat Ersoz. Role: Guitars, Vocals
Alper. Role: Drums
Musti Erman. Role: Bass
Past Members:
Serdar. Role: Vocals, saxophone


MC: Wary Zover (1989) Tracklist.
Lineup: M.Bastepe - Guitars, Vocals, M.Ersoz - Guitars, Vocals, Alper - Drums, Vocals, Musti Erman - Bass
MC: Rools 4 Fools (1991) Tracklist.
Lineup: M.Bastepe - Guitars, Vocals, M.Ersoz - Guitars, Vocals, Alper - Drums, Vocals, Musti Erman - Bass
MC: Hershey Yolunda?! (1994) Tracklist.
Lineup: Serdar - Vocals, Saxophone, M.Ersoz - Guitars, Alper - Drums, Musti Erman - Bass

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