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Стиль: Death Metal
Год образования: 1995
Страна: Indonesia
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Биография группы

At the beginning of 1994, when death metal & grindcore music started to stab its sharp fangs and substituted the throne of thrash metal
as the heaviest music on Indonesian ground, there was born one of death metal / grindcore seeds in Jogjakarta namely Mortal Scream.
Firstly, Mortal Scream consisted of Gendon ( bass / vocal ) and Tommy ( guitar ), former members of Necromancer, Dee ( drum ), former
member of Suffercation, and Amy ( guitar ). Soon after Dee quitted the band, his position was filled by Dodi ( Traxtor's drummer ) as
additional player.

Several stage actions from one campus to the others were successfully done with the presence of Dede as the lead vocalist and Benny (
former Predator ) as the new drummer. Mortal Scream started to be a solid band playing cover songs from Napalm Death with the new coming
of Adjie ( former Satanizer ) who replaced Dede. As time went on and they got more experiences, Mortal Scream started to create their own
songs by using death metal / grindcore concept. Since there were several reasons in study from their personnel, the formation of Mortal
Scream finally changed in the middle of 1994: Gendon ( bass ), Benny ( drum ), Adjie ( vocal ) and the duo-guitarist Astra ( former
Abunazer ) and Yusup.

This formation kept defeating 'trend' bands in campuses and also in other cities to widespread Indonesian underground music. One year
later, Gendon doubled the vocal position momentarily since Astra and Adjie quitted, until the presence of Gogor ( former Spermator ) as
lead vocalist and Ucok on guitar.

The changes of formation that happened several times was so tiring, and began better at the beginning of 1997 when Mortal Scream changed
the formation into : Gendon ( vocal ), Benny ( drum ), Eko ( guitar ) and Vincent ( bass ), both were former Medelline, plus Trek (
Trasher's guitarist ) as additional player. They also had some changes in their music style . They started to produce several new songs
and rearranged their previous songs using a new concept which mixed the styles of Suffocation, Malevolent Creation and Monstrosity as
their influential bands. 8 songs was collected and would be released as an indie album entitled "Perenial Remains" in 1998, which
consisted of some songs like Unholy Blasphemy, Horrible Destiny, Carnage Of Innocence, Spawn Of Deception, Mythological From Knowledge,
and Advocatus Diaboli. But because of imperfect mixing process and some financial reasons, the record just became a demo / promo tape to
be distributed in limited number.

Tour in some cities in Java and Bali kept going until Benny finally resigned for his occupational reason, and at the beginning of 1999
Chris ( former No Racist ) showed up as new drummer replacing Benny, who had been 5 years with Mortal Scream. It took almost a year for
the new drummer to adapt himself with the band. As the band got more experiences and also with the new coming drummer, Mortal Scream got a
few changes too in their music style. This formation produced some new songs like Faceless Demise, Mentally Disturbed, and Embodiment Of
Rebellious Face.

Mortal Scream again had duo -guitarist as Oki ( former Brutal Corpse ) came into the formation. But once again there was personnel change
in 2003, after Eko quitted for his business, until the end of 2003 the band did not have guitarist at all since Oki could not stay for
long in this formation. At the beginning of 2004 the band got active again since Trek ( former Trasher ) came back to Mortal Scream, and
they got more focus by writing new materials for a very long delayed first album record.

Участники группы Mortal Scream

Текущий состав:
Chris. Роль в группе: Drums
Gendon. Роль в группе: Vocals
Trek. Роль в группе: Guitars
Vincent. Роль в группе: Bass
Okki (Guest). Роль в группе: Guitars


Promo: Perennial Remains
CD: Bloodstain
Комментарий: upcoming.

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