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Style: Melodic Doom Metal
Year of birth: 2001
Country: Portugal
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Biography of Band

WinterMoon is a musical project born in Almada (Portugal), in late autumn of 2001.
The band’s main purpose was a seamless blending from mildly aggressive metal based styles to a whole melodic and melancholic universe,
without falling in easy formulas, clichйs, or the lack of life that is known to great part of the bands within the Doom/Gothic Metal scene.
At the 22nd of June of 2002, invited to open the act for the band Lost Dreams in Fear, WinterMoon band members go up on stage on IPJ –
Lisbon. The gig enabled them to test their mettle on a live scenario, as well as feeling the audience’s warmth for the musical atmosphere
presented by WinterMoon.
Overwhelmed by the reviews, they staged, a week later, 28 days past from the beginning of June of 2002, at Almada, in Mostra de Bandas de
Almada, before a crowd of 250. At the same time, musical revues about the band appear in local press and radio, which allied with their
strong live acts, allowed to consolidate the WinterMoon’s name in Almada’s musical scenario.
Having decided that the recording sessions would take place at In/Out Studios, under the expertise of producer Josй Pio, in May of 2003,
WinterMoon band members go on studio, having spent nine days, spread over two months, due to several gigs, to set in tape what would gain
body as the only cd demo of WinterMoon, only available for record companies.
Up to the present day, WinterMoon is concerned in showing their art close to the audience, through live presentations, analyzing and
improving several aspects inherent to the band itself, acquiring also a greater maturity. WinterMoon, considers this to be the appropriate
time to show its music close to the record companies worldwide.

Members of WinterMoon

Current Members:
Claudia Ferreira. Role: Vocals
Nuno Correia. Role: Guitars
Joao Sousa. Role: Bass
Antonio Perestrelo. Role: Keyboards
Guilherme Pimenta. Role: Drums


Demo: Digipack Demo

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