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Стиль: Melodic Death Metal
Год образования: 2004
Страна: Finland
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Биография группы

Winterborn saw the light of the day in December 2004. The group was formerly known as Mean Machine, a heavy metal coverband which did
make quite a bit name for itself. Mean Machine had the same line-up from the beginning as Winterborn has now. The Mean Machine project was
formed in 2003 spring.

Most of the guys in the band have years and years of experience out there in the fields of rock`n roll. And one them not. Vapola came out
straight from the woods so to speak. But he has adapted very well and has proven to be one hell of a musician!

The band has set their their goals very high and are working their asses of to achieve them. There`s no doupt about that they will be
heard and noticed amongst the true metal fans, who love striking riffs and strong and capturing melodies.


The wide range of musical talent and exceptional personalities can be heard in Winterborns music. The variable musical tastes and
backrounds has shaped the basic heavy metal style into something that really stands out from the ever expanding number of heavy metal
bands. As Vapola says: "The chemistry in the band and songwriting has really,aa well, clicked. Can it be said like that? Well I just did
so fuck it! It clicked if you know what I mean. It`s like there`s 5 totally different personalities melt into this one very functional
rock`n roll power machine. And it guides the songwriting process guite naturally as well. Usually I make the basic structure and riffs to
our songs and some of the melodies and lyrics as well. And then Jukka kicks in and starts doing his thing and it very often changes the
song guite a bit as we work them out together. Little bit after that Teemu comes in and we start really working on the melodies and
lyrics. So the songs really come alive when Jukka and Teemu bring their own ideas and personal touches into them. "

Vapola continues:" Mine and Jukkas musical tastes and backrounds brings certain elements to our songs taht can be stated as the sound of
Winterborn. And of course not to mention Koskelas undisputed vocal sound. He must be one of the best heavy vocalist in the country and
everybody knows the high quality of Finnish heavy metal scene. Because of our different backrounds there`s a lot of variety in music
styles that affects our music. From movie sountrack scores to progressive metal, from classical music to even some big band stuff and jazz
and so on. Jukka is very educated musician and very exceptional musical talent who`s heart is ,to our luck, in melodical metal music. My
output and approach is more straight forward heavy type with some progressive twists and turns in it. But I have my skeletons in my
"musical closet", some pop stuff has influenced me a bit over the years. And our rythm section is tight as hell when it comes down to it.
There may be a little twisting and turning with them about what will sound good but that`s just good because they add two new ways to see
the songs. They breath some extra life into the songs and when their on fire, they are solid as a rock. Saimis is the most experienced guy
in the band and it can be heard in his very tasty bass lines. Just listen to the guy!The main thing in our music is that we make sticking
riffs and excellent melodies.

The bands music combines the classical heavy rock elements to the more modern sides of it. There`s that something in the bands music.
It`s a sum of many small things and details. And something that can`t be discribed. It`s a matter of some kind of a "spirit".

Участники группы Winterborn

Текущий состав:
Teemu Koskela. Роль в группе: Vocals
Pasi Vapola. Роль в группе: Guitars
Jukka H?nninen. Роль в группе: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Janne Suvanto. Роль в группе: Bass
Rami Heikkil?. Роль в группе: Drums


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