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Style: Heavy Metal
Year of birth: 1989
Country: England
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Biography of Band

This is the beginning of the story. The tragedies and triumphs, of four guys from a small town in England. We were a band made by our
fans, who we called Howling Mad Shitheads or HMS.

The Tamworth Rock Festival, Castle Grounds 1984. That was probably where it started to get really serious. We where a very young band who
played original material because we were not good enough musicians to cover songs by other bands. We had no equipment of our own apart
from guitars so we had to borrow gear from friends any time we wanted to play a gig. However, we did have attitude and we treated every
gig like it was a stadium.

In the beginning, Jeff Hateley (bass) and Jase Edwards (guitar) started the band at school with a different name and that eventually
turned into Wolfsbane, then I joined as the singer. Our dreams were small in the early days. We just wanted to get a mention in the music
section of the local paper. We were too stupid to give up, and too arrogant to think we wouldn’t make it.

From becoming the biggest band in Tamworth to the biggest unsigned metal band in the UK were really special days. We signed a deal with
Def American records and made our first album, Live Fast, Die Fast. After recording this and playing some small gigs in the UK we came to
our next real career highlight. Supporting Iron Maiden on their sold out UK tour along with releasing All Hells Breaking Loose at Little
Kathy Wilsons Place.

To be continued......

Members of Wolfsbane

Current Members:
Blaze Bayley (Founder). In Band at: 1989 - . Role: Vocals
Side projects: Iron Maiden, Blaze
Jase Edwards. Role: Guitars
Jeff Hately. Role: Bass
Steve Ellett. Role: Drums


CD: Live Fast, Die Fast (1989)
CD: All Hell`s Breaking Loose (1990)
CD: Down Fall The Good Guys (1991)
Live: Massive Noise Injection (1993)
CD: Wolfsbane (1994)
CD: Lifestyle Of The Broke And Obscure (2001)

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