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Style: Melodic Dark Metal
Year of birth: 1997
Country: Egypt
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Biography of Band

KONZAROSS was formed in February 1997 with only one Member called KHALED SALLAM, who composed some Death and Black Music.

In August 1999. Brutal Death vocalist joined Konzaross called Mustafa el Gamal who trained his voice to make some Dark and Black Tracks...
Whereas Khaled Composed { 9 Different Tracks } Between: 1 Dark Track, 3 Black Tracks,2 Brutal Death Tracks,1 Black/Death Track,2 Instrumental Tracks.
Lyrics written by Mustafa .

As they performed the First album” THE END IS THE BEGINNING OF PAIN ” guitars line and drum line composed by Khaled to be ready to any member who wants to join Konzaross, Khaled looked for members to complete the rest of the band to record this album in studio to release the album. He found members but they weren't playing the same music.

In the same year, After a long looking for the rest of the band, Khaled and Mustafa decided to make the Next album " KONZAROSS "
As Khaled composed 6 Brutal Death Tracks.
Lyrics written by Mustafa.

Then Mustafa left for personal reasons .

In the end of December 2000 . Khaled decided to change the Genre of Music to Melodic Dark Metal.

He started composing the third album " BEYOND THE SHADES OF MOON "
As he composed { 6 Tracks }, All Lyrics written by Khaled, who made Bass and Guitars Tablatures and Drum lines.
He took the photo covers of the album by himself. He was looking for members to complete the Band to release this Album. He auditioned for some members but they weren’t good enough...
As he decided to be the Vocalist & Bassist.

In June 2003, Khaled started composing the fourth Album “ THE EMPIRE OF THE LOST LIFE ''
As he Composed { 8 Tracks } Lyrics written by Khaled.
He took the photo covers of the album by himself.

Khaled looked for Members to complete the band , Record company to release his Albums. He didn’t find any Help or Sponsor to Supporting him.
As he decided to continue alone ( only Bass & Vocals ).

In September 2005 Khaled has Released his Self Recorded EP “ WHEN THE DAWNLIGHT BREAK “ .
The artwork cover of the EP created by Khaled.

Members of Konzaross

Current Members:
Khaled Sallam (Founder). In Band at: 1997 - . Role: Bass, Vocals


CD: The End Is The Beginning of Pain (1999) Tracklist.
Comment: Unreleased album.
CD: Konzaross (1999) Tracklist.
Comment: Unreleased album.
EP: When The Dawnlight Break (2005) Studio: Self Released. Tracklist.
Lineup: Khaled Sallam - Bass, Vocals
Comment: Hassan Nabil - guest guitar on track "To Eternity".

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