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Style: Death Metal
Year of birth: 1994
Country: Brazil
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Biography of Band

Queiron was formed in Brazil in 1994 by Marcelo Grous and Marcelo Moretti. A drummer was found little over a year later and 2 demos and a
split with Mental Horror were recorded. After this the drummer and bass player left the band, leaving Marcelo Grous with the task of
finding a new line-up. This happened with the addition of Tiago Furlan (Bass) And Daniel Toledo (Drums). That line-up recorded “Impious
Domination”, after which the band was enhanced with a second guitar player in the person of Andrй Neil. In March of 2003 the band if
concentrates total in new composition in September of the same year she enters in Studio H.P. Records to graver its second album intitled
"Templars BeholdingFailures", which was launched in March of 2004 for the Mutilation Records.

Members of Queiron

Current Members:
Tiago Furlan. Role: Bass
Marcelo Grous. Role: Guitars, Vocals
Andr? Neil. Role: Guitars


Demo: Crosses Thet Migrate to Hell (1996)
Single: You'd Better Light a Candle Instead of Cursing The Darkness (1997)
Demo: Blessed By Brutality Of Evil (1998)
Split: Immortal Blood of Victory/Extreme Evolutive Trauma (1999)
Demo: Promo 2000 (2000)
CD: Impious Domination (2002)
CD: Templars Beholding Failures (2004)

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