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Стиль: Power / Thrash Metal
Год образования: 1999
Страна: Belgium
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Биография группы

Anno 1999: guitarist Rudi Van de Sype kicks himself, the most reputated man of the Flemish scene in the ass, says farewell to his musical
break and forms the band Native Instinct. Rudi is a guy with a solid reputation, built up throughout his career with the legendary
Crossfire. This band reached its peaks in the eighties and was to be found in the frontlines when Belgium made its appearance on the
international metal map. Crossfire performed at the esteemed Heavy Sound Festival and was touring with the icon Accept, amongst others. If
you are an eighties fan, and the name Crossfire doesn’t ring a bell, you were probably living at planet Mars back then.

“Too good to get lost” Rudi was thinking, and he brings Crossfire back amongst the living. Thanks to the loads of experience and the
right musical philosophy, Rudi is able to create a band that guarantees a portion of solid metal. Do De Vos, the national rock’n roll
personification of dr. Jeckyl and mr. Hyde, appears to be a suitable front man/singer and Ivan Van Herreweghe, whose roots are to be found
in the Heavy blues scene, is welcomed as second guitarist. Rudi decides to attract an experienced rhythm section and engages bassist
Ronald Thienpont (ex-Firesnakes) and drummer Peter De Waele (ex-Angry Eye). Thus the solid basis of the band was formed.

We are writing September 2000 as Buzzville Records picks up Native Instinct to release a mini CD. The record is not only applauded
enthusiastically in their home country (by Spin City, Hell Spawn, Aardschok, …) but also wide across the land’s borders. Misfortune
strikes as the flamboyant singer of the band decides to quit the band in the beginning of 2001. He wants to concentrate fully on his own
project Southern Voodoo.
Native Instinct sees the grey clouds disappear again when singer Frank De Vos enters the scene. He and his practical experience with the
West-Flemmish Yosh are warmly welcomed into the band. The mini-album results to bring about a jump to a bigger future because suddenly
they are booked for concerts together with Paul Di Anno, Skyclad, Killer, Angel Witch and Doro.
The refounded Mausoleum Records believes in the East-Flemish combo and offers them a deal for a full CD. The band enters the Little Big
Studio in Antwerp together with Peter De Wint (ex-Crossfire, ex-Mystery). The studio brings about too much pressure for drummer Peter De
Waele and he is replaced by Steve DC, who was also playing with Yosh previously. The band rerecords the drums with Steve and in the
beginning of 2002 “First Born” is available in the stores.
The heavy power/thrash record provides 11 neck braking songs on which Native Instinct combines eighties metal with a mixture of
contemporary metal in the vain of Nevermore. Mausoleum releases the record in different areas and the positive reviews keep on coming. The
iron has to be forged while it’s hot but due to a lack of solid contacts, the bands seem to loose grip a bit.

Unjustified! Both singer Frank and bass player Ronald the rehearsals start to consider the rehearsals no longer a s a gift but a burden
as their stressful jobs demand more and more of their time. Consequently, they both decide to quit the band. As they say “old love
doesn’t rust” and so Dominique De Vos returns and brings his all time buddy Filip ‘file’ Beyens on the bass.
The quintet seems totally ready to make a new start and for the moment they are rehearsing until they drop! In the meantime they have
written enough songs to record a new album and as soon as the two newbies are totally at ease and ready to rock, the band plans to hit the
studio (for the moment, without a deal).

After six years of hard work, Native Instinct is ready to run wild… And you know what they say about a warned man…!

Участники группы Native Instict

Текущий состав:
Nick. Роль в группе: Bass
Steve. Роль в группе: Drums
Kevin. Роль в группе: Vocals
Jim. Роль в группе: Guitars
Rudi VDS. Роль в группе: Guitars


MCD: MINI CD (2000) Студия: Buzzville Records.
Комментарий: Containing 6 tracks.
CD: First Born (2003) Студия: Mausoleum Records.
Комментарий: 13 tracks.

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