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Стиль: Thrash Metal
Год образования: 1997
Страна: England
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Биография группы

Fourwaykill grouped in late 1997 from ex members of Guttersnipe, Beggars Opera, Zarcoma and Caidiar. Comprising of Chris - vocals, Jay -
guitars, Rob - drums and Podge on bass. The bands first Demo tape was immediately taken into the bosom of the heavy metal press with
positive reviews in publications including Kerrang, Hardroxx and Back Street Heroes. As a result of this, the first Fourwaykill offering
of Tribe/Human Killing Kind was released thru Copro Records on their 'Ballistic' Compilation album which featured other bands including
Earthtone9 and Seizure.
The most part of the next Couple years were spent playing a series of live shows around the U.K refining the Fourwaykill sound as it is
heard today. The live show experience that the band have accumulated has set them apart from all others with Fourwaykill Live raising
coments such as

"Enough attitude to kill an elephant at 50 paces"

"Fourwaykill almost bludgeoned the audience to death with their full-on sonic assault"

The Fourwaykill sound has been described as ...

"FourwayKill are fast,aggressive and in your face!'24 Hours To Die' is a brutal album with ferocious riffing and music that will severely
shred the listener's ears"
(Powerplay Magazine)

"A volatile cocktail of Hardcore aggression, Thrash Melodies and choruses to die for, 4wk have proven themselves as one of the most
Brutal underground acts to rise from the UK for many years."

"A furiously vulgar display of Ultra Metal"
(Kerrang! Magazine)

"Face removing, Spine Ripping Metal from one of Britain's unsigned finest"
(Hardroxx Magazine)

4WK supporting UK Hardcore band Assert as The first EP was released independently. 'Kill Or Cure' was well received and triggered a
support slot with Firebird aswell as receiving airplay on local rock radio alongside reviews both online and in local press.

Fourwaykill win the Terrorizer 'Prove it' live music knockouts over several dates at the Bristol Bierkeller. Following this, a support
slot with Blaze was gained on the UK slot of their Tenth Dimension world tour and Deadweight, taken from the Kill Or Cure EP, was included
on the cover disk of Power Play magazine (issue 35) alongside acts including Halford, Arch Enemy and Killswitch Engage. The band then also
grabbed the main support for metal legends Diamond Head at the Camden Underworld.
Other highlights of 2002 included a full Fourwaykill feature on the Metal Web Spotlight (USA), which had previously covered Biohazard,
Leige Lord, Dianno`s Killers, Overkill, Metal Church, Crowbar, Twisted Sister and Dream Theatre. Following this, airplay was gained on
Snakenet Metal Radio USA Resulting in the first stateside release which came via 'Harvest of Death volume 666' on Extreme Metal Records.
Fourwaykill were also picked up for inclusion on releases by Psychophonic Records (UK) and a soundtrack for an independent skateboard
video release. Closing 2002, a support slot for recent SPV signing 'Gutworm' at Frightfest 2002 and base plans for a bigger push during

Series of key live dates including The main support on the Total Rock Stage at the Godless festival, The main support slot with Anthrax
at the Bristol Bierkeller, The main support for the full UK 'As Live As It Gets' Blaze tour aswell as Billing at Uxfest and Bloodstock
2003 playing opposite acts including Nightwish, Saxon, Paradise lost, Masterplan, Powerquest, Dragon Force. A full merchandising deal was
signed with DarkEnergy after the Blaze tour which has taken 4wk merchandise to the very highest Standard and quality. Fourwaykill gathered
interest at Total Rock radio, who have given large amounts of airplay to promotional tracks from the '24 hours to die EP'. Total Rock also
Hosted the first Fourwaykill Radio interview on Malcolm Dome's 'Nu World Order'show.Late 2003 Saw the 'Bloodstock on the road tour'
featuring Biomechanical, Fourwaykill, Infobia.

The band release a 7 track mini album independantly with Psychophonic records / Shellshock distribution. The Promo video for lead track
24 hours to die was included on the Pure Blood DvD in conjunction with the Bloodstock 2004 Festival and a Second Edit accepted for
worldwide airplay.

The band headlined second stage at the afformentioned Bloodstock 2004 Festival alongside acts including Children of Bodom, Primal Fear,
Panic Cell, Sonata Arctica, Invey, Gutworm amongst others and were on the road throughout the year from february in support of the 24
hours to die release. Following the Bloodstock Festival success, September 2004 saw Fourwaykill Sign an Endorsement deal with major
players PEAVEY for Guitar and Bass amplification with full international support aswell as Endorsement backing from Ernie Ball Strings and
for guitar Fx. Shortly to follow, the release and airplay for the '24 Hours To Die' promo video on Scuzz TV / MTV2-Headbangers Ball and
Chart Show TV Rock Chart playlists.

Fast becoming a big year in view of a recent deal with AMUST4MUSIC promotions who will be projecting Fourwaykill into Mainland Europe and
further accross seas spreading their Face Shredding Metal!February-4wk are voted into top ten of new UK acts in the Terrorizer Magazine
readers polls, -January/February- have seen the band recieve'kkkk'Kerrang! reviews for both the December '04 Nottingham Rock City live
show and '24 Hours To Die' cd repectively.
February-September onward A run of UK dates have been massed to close the '24 hours to die' release making room for the next brutal batch
of tracks...Dates through til dec 05 include(d),Stampin Ground Support,Bloodstock Open Air Festival, Fozzy/Society1 Support,Dates with
Panic Cell/Seasons End/Liquid Sky/illuminatus/NNTG/Gripshift/LordsoftheSouthern
Priest/Headwound/Plague/Allergen/Kullas/Cruachan/Unforgiven .....see reviews pages...Oct/NovClive Is enlisted for permanent Bass Duties
and cuts his teeth with us on Entombed Show in London, The Damnation Festival in Manchester, Stuck Mojo Uk tour, Onslaught(Reformed)shows
- Adeal is struck with Factory Music Agency and plans are afoot for the Agressor Album and 2006.

Участники группы Fourwaykill

Текущий состав:
Chris Neighbour. Роль в группе: Vocals
Jay Walsh. Роль в группе: Guitars
Clive Bremner. Роль в группе: Bass
Rob Hicks. Роль в группе: Drums


EP: Kill Or Cure
Комментарий: Two issues: second one is on Blind Leper Records.
Promo: 24 hours to die
Комментарий: 2 versions: radio edit (3 tracks) and for Bloodstock 2003.
MCD: 24 Hours To Die
Demo: Demo (1997)
Promo: Wacken 2001 Sampler (2001)
Promo: 2 track Promo (2002)

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