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Style: metal
Year of birth: 2004
Country: Australia
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Biography of Band

started by jason.p in 2004 with kyle and whoever felt like jamming. Kai joined in about sep 2004 and began writing with jason. after a seemingly endless search for a drummer the band came across Robin. his knowledge and fast pace drumming propelled kais riffs and jasons vocals into overdrive transforming the band from usual metal into a hybrid of metal core and death metal.. soon after this change kyle got left behind as the band moved on. Gavin soon joined the band as the fulltime bassist. he learnt the 8 song set within a couple of weeks and intime for the bands first gig. not long after this.. the band decided it would extend its horizons by adding another guitarist.. Tim was the eventual choice. By this time the band was getting more regular gigs and having a hell of a time. To date the band has played many hometown gigs. the most memorable being there second gig at the bowral memorial hall. They also got a gig at the Metro in Sydney. and did a small tour of events between bowral and canberra. The band only recently lost Robin(drummer) as he has decided to move to the city to play with another band. but the band will not be down for long.

Members of SYNPERIUM

Current Members:
Jason. Role: vocal
Tim. Role: guitars
Kai. Role: guitars
Robin. Role: drums
Gavin. Role: bass
Kyle. Period: 2004 - 2005. Role: guitars



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