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Style: Funeral Doom
Year of birth: 2002
Country: Belarus
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Biography of Band

The band was founded in 2002 in Minsk, Belarus by Alexander "Faceless" Kachar (guitars, vocals) and Anton Matveev (bass). Andrey Yepikhin (guitar) and Sergey Shevchuk (drums) also played with them for some time. The band began the first rehearsals in spring-summer 2002. The music style was more soft and melodic then. Soon Shevchuk and Yepikhin left the band. The rest musicians stopped the rehearsals, and began recording the first album. The recording process was very long and hard, it took more than 2 years. During it the music style changed, it became more extreme, heavy, slow and mournful. Much melancholic melodies disappeared, and cold technogenic atmosphere with avantgarde rhythmic experiments and electronics appeared instead of them. Some of the old songs wasn't recorded because they became obsolete.

"Reido" means "absolute zero temperature" in Japanese. Recording of the "F:all" album has been finished in autumn 2005. Some studio work was made by Andrey Starovoitov (Legacy studio). Artwork and design was made by Alex Klochkov (Moscow ( Soon Reido signed to Solitude Prod. Now the band is going to record a new album.

Members of Reido

Current Members:
????????? ????? (Faceless) (Founder). In Band at: 2002 - . Role: guitar, vocal, programming
????? ??????? (Founder). In Band at: 2002 - . Role: bass, electronics


CD: F:all (2006) Studio: Solitude Productions. Tracklist.
Lineup: Alexander

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