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Style: Melodic Metal
Year of birth: 2005
Country: Russia
Views: 5109

Biography of Band

The history of De-Light starts in 2003 when two newly founded nameless bands join into one entity named "Orion". Initially
the band performs only Russian and foreign rock hits scarcely playing its own pieces. It is only autumn 2004 when first
songs come into life and along with it inevitable difficulties are brought. In a few weeks several musicians leave the band
and eventually only two founders remain in the band: Dmitri Beloglazov (guitars, vocal) and Eugene Odnoval (bass). Then
Alexander Rassokhin joins as a guitarists and Irina Lobareva takes place of a keyboard player. In January 2005, because of
renewing the team and changing stylistic orientation the band changes its name to De-Light.

2005 is dedicated to writing new songs and further work on existing ones. Problems with drummers complicate the concert
activity: they make business trips lasting for several months, get occupied with babies, for some reasons they have to
interrupt their life in music. De-Light has played less than a ten of concerts during the year, but each performance
yielded very positive public attitude. In December the band suffers from crisis for lack of fifth team's member and
impossibility to give concerts. It is only by February 2006 when a new drummer comes to play with De-Light, Eugene
Radchenko who recently played in the band "Na vzlyot". The time for active rehearsals has come for the band. It
participates in the contest "Novosibirsk Musical Olympus" where it is awarded with the Spectators' Prize and wins the first
place in "rock vocal" nomination.

Currently the musicians are occupied with improving the existing material and writing something new. They are full of
resolve to bring all their numerous plans into life.

Members of De-Light

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