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Style: Metal
Year of birth: 1987
Country: USA
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Biography of Band

Morticious Was Founded In 1987 A Underground Metal Band Out Of San Francisco
Embalming There Brains With Bands Like:Trouble / Tank / The Brats /DR Know / Gism / Black Sab / Angel Witch / Exodus W/T Paul Baloff / D.R.I / Vio-Lence / Motorhead / Pentagram / Acid Bath / Satan / Venom / Witchfinder General / Thanks: Ron Quintana Of kusf In 1988 We Play Our First Show and went on To Support such
Band As /The Mentor /Verbal Abuses /Forbidden /Yngwie/And A Lot More. Now We
Are Working On Getting The Riggamortis Out And Reload With The DR Of autopsy
And Someone Need To Die With Band Leader Mike Price on Voc JR Norm Clegg On
Bass Slade Anderson On Drums. Sven Sutherland Guitar In 1998 Release A 9 Song
CD "Anti-Anthems". For More INFO Go To Hell For Free
Downloads Just Right click on A Song And save. Morticious T-Shirts And Hats CD
Mail Order. 415-341-4766 Ask For The Keeper Of The Morgue He Waiting For You

Members of Morticious

Current Members:
Mike Price (Morticious mike) (Founder). Period: 1987 - 2006. Role: Leader & Founder & Lead Vocals
Norm Clegg (JR) (Guest). Period: 1997 - 2006. Role: Bass Player Song writer
Side projects: Ulysses Siren / My Victim / Lounder Then God / Rut Host
Slade Anderson (Founder). Period: 1988 - 2006. Role: Drums Song writer
Side projects: Mordred / Mercury / Attitude Adjustmen / my victim
Sven Sutherland (Founder). Period: 1988 - 2006. Role: Lead Guitar Song writer
Side projects: Mordred / Mercury / Lazz Rocket / Hail Satan
Past Members:
Rob Outlaw (Founder). Period: 1987 - 1996. Role: Rhythm Guitar
Julian Miller (Founder). Period: 1987 - 1993. Role: Bass Player Writer For Most All Of The Song From1987-10-31 TO 1993
Dan Limrick (Guest). Period: 1992 - 1996. Role: Drums
Side projects: Stevey Stiletto
Billy Lee (Guest). Period: 1990 - 1992. Role: bass player
Side projects: beauty scar


Tape: Morticious Death (1987) Studio: The Morgue. Tracklist.
Lineup: "Mike Price" on Voc "Sven Sutherland"Lead Guitar "Rob Outlaw" Rhythm Guitar "Julian Miller" Bass "DR Rim" Drums "Noel Jay" *Guest Lead
Comment: 4 tr
Tape: #13 Creepy Bog lane (1989) Studio: Secret Studio. Tracklist.
Lineup: "Mike Price" on Voc "Sven Sutherland"Lead Guitar "Rob Outlaw" Rhythm Guitar "Julian Miller" Bass On Drums "Slad Anderson" As A Guest "Doug Piercy" Lead Guitar"*
Comment: 8 Track
CD: FACTORY FLOOR (1998) Studio: Seceret Studio. Tracklist.
Comment: TONY JULIAN Producer

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