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Style: Melodic Doom Death
Year of birth: 2002
Country: Serbia
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Biography of Band

TALES OF DARK is a doom/death metal band from Novi Sad (Serbia) which has been active for four and a half years already. In that time the band has recorded a demo CD, played many concerts, had appearances on several national radio and TV shows, and did a number of interviews published in various magazines, fanzines and webzines.

The mentioned demo CD «U Kori Tame» was recorded in early 2003 and it was the first studio recording of the band. It was well received by the audience and the webzines and fanzines, as well as radio stations. The CD represents the first period of the band's creative efforts, containing quite a bit of gothic influences alongside doom and death metal riffs. In 2004 the band started working on new material, and had about 20 gigs. In July 2004, TALES OF DARK performed at the Future Shock stage of EXIT festival, and a month and a half later at the important Zajecar Guitar Festival, where the jury voted them second and the audience third out of 120 demo bands of all genres. This event was a peak in the band’s career at the time, even more so because the genre of music TALES OF DARK plays is not considered commercially appealing.
In January 2005 six new songs of crushing, modern doom-death metal were recorded and the album Fragile Monuments was released in the summer of 2006. Between these two events, TALES OF DARK performed twice (2005, 2006) at the Metal Hammer stage of EXIT festival, along with Napalm Death, Agnostic Front, Moonspell, Max Cavalera and others…

Members of Tales Of Dark

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Demo: U Kori Tame (2003) Studio: Selfreleased. Tracklist.
CD: Fragile Monuments (2006) Studio: Solitude Productions. Tracklist.
Lineup: Arpad Takac vocals; Jovana Karajanov vocals; Kristijan Zavodski guitars; Nikola Cavar guitars; Andras Ispan bass; Davor Menzildzic keyboards; Darko Stojanovic - drums

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