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Style: Melodic Black Metal
Year of birth: 2002
Country: Panama
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Biography of Band

Azaroth, BLACK METAL MELODIC HISTORY IN THE MAKING, recalling back to the endings of the millenium JOSE GRAJALES (FORMER GUITAR PLAYER), has a break through and an idea, dream which he will fulfill the greatest BLACK METAL musical group of his life. With nothing to lose but just one dream to accomplish, as he begins his project he finds all members needed but lacking all METALIC elements.

After one year of search no hope was coming through until one day at a BLACK METAL concert he meets ALFREDO HERNANDEZ (FORMER DRUMMER), which by luck was in the process of fulfill his own dream being the same dream of JOSE GRAJALES. Doing this they both take one step deeper into the development of AZAROTH.

Practice, practice, and practice one more element comes to join this great BLACK MELODIC band, MILTON HERRERA (FORMER BASS PLAYER). After hearing, the melodic rhythms composed by JOSE GRAJALES and ALFRERDO HERNANDEZ he falls in a state of thought and reasoning and decides to join this band making him the new element of Azaroth, the new bass player. Looking back at MILTON HERRERA'S we should remember the break through he has made in the development of PANAMA'S EXTREME MELODIC BANDS. Recalling his former band, DISEMBURIED, leaving great scars in PANAMA'S MELODIC HISTORY. ARIEL EARLE (FORMER VOCALIST), stumbled along the path of Azaroth, being all ready experience but in the area of black Doom (Asturian - 1998), which participated alongside of JOSE GRAJALES in the past decades. Extuanish, everyone accepted him with open arms, bringing a horrifying, grusem new look to Azaroth BLACK METAL STYLE. Opening great expectations to the bands development.

At the end of January of 2003, came the final touch to AZAROTH, SAMANTHA ORTEGA (FORMER PIANIST), completing their project, introducing their style and bringing fort new BLACK MELODIC MELODIES as we know them today. Following, within the same year, near the ends of March, the bands practicing and waiting finally pays off as they are invited to "THE BIGGEST METAL FESTIVAL IN PANAMA" which was realized that same year in the month of April, PANDEMIA (Brutal Death Metal), thinking back at this festivals background it all started in Chez Republic known as, "Demonic Latin-American tour". Later on more luck followed as they were invited along with more metal bands to the PROVINCE OF CHIRIQUI exposing Panamas layer of NATIONAL BLACK METAL bands. Returning to the capital they are bombarded by concerts; Night of Sickness, Halloween Erotica Madness and El mega festival "Ecofest". To close the year Azaroth is invited to Navirock, putting a final touch and end to the year 2003. Opening 2004, Azaroth, decides to launch their first discography production, at the beginnings of June they join alongside of composer and producer, Pablo Quintero, within the "Insomnio Studios" end and finalizing their project at the ends of August. Finally, December is here launching their debut production titled "THE QUEEN OF THE BLACK MOON" converting their album in one of the most sold albums within Panama under their own self titled independent production knows as, MEDUSA RECORDS. It hits the markets, finally opening their album with seven songs; "Ritual in the medusa lake", "Dark lady”,"The cold winds are passing" and "Your presence", all very known and great hits receiving great promotional support and obtaining in the charts of VOLTAJE 3 first place and for various weeks.

2005 great expectations and moments to look forward too, not only was their production national but reached higher levels, international levels as EURASIA, and SOUTH AMERICA, allowing them to hit and play within new festivals such as, "Animetal"," Brutalizer Metal Night" (Veraguas), "Ecofest", "Rockmaniac Festival" and as September hits the are taken under by "Ancestral" (Melodic black metal) from Nicaragua, which they present for the first time within Panama’s new festival know as "STORM FEST". Octobers here and AZAROTH is gaining fame they are invited to "METAL HORDES II", this fest has a great connection to extreme metal and known under the name as "RITUAL IN THE MEDUSA LAKE". Other participating bands, "Hellchasm" (Black Metal - Egypto), "Portrait of Pain" (Death Metal - Finland),"Gorath" (Black Metal - Belgian), "Neomortem" (Death/Black - USA), "Winter of Vehemence" (Dark Metal - UK), "Will of the Ancients" (Black Metal - Canada) and Others. The greatest break through of this festival was that their cd was able to be released international under the production of Mikill Productions.

Nomination, sucess. Starting November good Azaroth, is invited to the fourth nomination of "PANAMA ROCK" followed by an invitation, among other local ands, to "BEST HEAVY METAL BAND 2005", taking this in to consideration we hould consider and remember that every band most work hard to follow forward and be able to complete ones dreams in order to be a part of this great festivals exhibiting each bands great talents and ideas. "Craneo Metal", invitation received, Azaroth, participating within the countries of Costa Rica , Honduras, Guatemala, Salvador y Nicaragua in which we could name out some extreme bands, Hirax (USA) , Social Shit (Argentina) , Agonizer (Cuba), Gorepoflesh (Nicaragua), and others. Formerly, Azaroth, has been busy placing and dedicating all their time within their second discography production, video, and trying their best to receive a huge international launch exhibiting a more gursem, metal side of their terrific expressions.

Members of Azaroth

Current Members:
Alfredo Hernandez (Founder). Role: Drums
Ariel Earle. Role: Vocals
Jose Grajales (Founder). Role: Guitars
Milton Herrera. Role: Bass
Samantha Ortega. Role: Keyboards


CD: Queen of the black Moon (2004) Studio: Insommio. Tracklist.
Lineup: Ariel Earle - Vocals, Jose Grajales - Guitars, Milton Herrera - Bass, Samantha Ortega - Keyboards, Alfredo Hern?ndez - Drums

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