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Style: Melodic Death Metal
Year of birth: 1998
Country: Slovenia
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Biography of Band

The band Obnounce was formed by Rastko Gracin (guitar), Matjaž Kovaèiè (bass guitar) and Kruno Karlovèec (drums) in the middle of autumn 1998. Rastko & Matjaž previously played in band Crastavci and band Skepsa. Rastko also played in band called Perpetuum Mobile. The music they wanted to play with new band called Obnounce had many influences and ideas joined with their common wishes for aggressive and melodic metal.

In winter 1998 Dejan Ilješ (rhythm guitar), Robert Grnjak (keyboards) and Mitja Trot (vocals) joined the band. Because of lack of time Mitja soon leaves the band, that's why the band gets new vocalist Dejan Razlag. Later Robert decided to take over the vocal duties and Dejan takes the place as keyboard player! Obnounce then starts to tour around the local area: Ormož - Unterhund, Ljutomer - Youth center, Šentilj - Doomfest, Open Air Festivals in Izola and Velenje.
The lack of time is the reason for Dejan Ilješ' departure from the band in year 2000. And soon drummer Kruno leaves the band as well. Nothing happens until February and April 2001 when Darko Senèar (drums) and Dušan Markoviæ (rhythm guitar) join the band.

At this time the band continues with their work and soon the hard work gets repayed. Concerts all over eastern Slovenia started in spring 2001. In August 2001 they recorded Demo CD for need of getting known in clubs and youth centers all over Slovenia and they are also interested in cooperating with clubs, youth centers and simmilar from across the Europe.
In February 2002 the band recorded song Rage of Disease which is on Slovenian metal compilation volume 1 and they continue with concerts all over Slovenia & Austria with known slovenian & other bands.

In this time, band Obnounce has become important and one of the best slovenian metal bands. In year 2004 the band takes a break from concerts and takes a time for studio work. A final result of concert break is realese of their debut album called Remnants Of Humanity which comes out in end of March 2005. Album was released from the one & only slovenian metal label called On Parole Productions and it's represented with band's own work and eight songs of melodic death/black metal with influences of gothic and thrash metal. In end of March was also released by On Parole Productions a metal compilation New Order volume one on which is band Obnounce represented with song Soul Reaper.
Then the band had a tour all over Slovenia, on which they promoted their debut album Remnants Of Humanity. The successful tour was concluded on the biggest Slovenian metal festival Metalcamp 05.

Members of Obnounce

Current Members:
Robert Grnjak. Role: Vocals
Darko Senčar. Role: Drums
Rastko Gracin. Role: Lead Guitar
Ciril Kocbek. In Band at: 2006 - . Role: Rhythm Guitar
Matjaž Kovačič. Role: Bass Guitar
Dejan Razlag. Role: Keyboards


nothing: Obnounce demo (2001) Studio: Demo. Tracklist.
nothing: Slovenian metal vol. 1 (2002) Studio: Master of Metal & Paranoid. Tracklist.
nothing: Remnants Of Humanity (2005) Studio: On Parole Productions. Tracklist.
Comment: This album is represented with band's own work and eight songs of melodic black/death metal with influences of gothic and thrash metal.
nothing: New Order volume one (2005) Studio: On Parole Productions. Tracklist.

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