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Style: Simpho black metal
Year of birth: 2002
Country: Russia
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Biography of Band

CHAOS ALTER was formed in November of 2002 as an independent project of the vocalist Anton Slaanesh (ex-Renaissance, Moonlight Knights) and the drummer Denis Eyemaster (ex-Carnecrista, Tykva-Gorlyanka), members of Angelsorrow band. As a matter of fact, the actual name of the band was invented in “troubled epoch” of Angelsorrow being an alternative brand for the group that performed a gothic-influenced mix of thrash and doom. It is also interesting that before its first live show the band was mentioned in the flyer as CHAOS ALTER – at first, it should have been named Chaos AltAr but this accidental misprint turned out to be well-timed.

Then, in the end of the search that was seeming to be hopeless, the talented guitarist Alexey Barth, which had been playing earlier in the not-unknown group Shehine, joined the band; after that, the vacancies of bass guitarist and keyboardist were taken up by, respectively, Konstantin Wsegard and Alexander Niyan. By that time, both already had weighty reputation in Russian black metal. Wsegard (Ashen Light, Carnecrista, Atra Mustum) had been the original vocalist and bass guitarist in Ashen Light where the keyboard artist Niyan had begun his career. By the way, they both - along with guitarists Visionary (Butchery, Rogatye Trupoyedy) and Gmur (ex-Ashen Light) - founded Atra Mustum band, where nowadays – besides Wsegard – Eyemaster and Vitriol also play.

So, in this line-up - Slaanesh / Wsegard / Barth / Niyan /Eyemaster,CHAOS ALTER started working on the material. In a short time, Alexander unfortunately left the band for domestic reasons, and since then started a run of bad luck in search of a new keyboardist. Finally, an old friend of Denis named Evgueniy Chreb (ex-Tykva-Gorlyanka, Obermannequin) took up this vacancy. What is worth being added to the aforesaid, it is the fact of the short but brilliant participation of Emily A. Saaen (ex - Solar, ex - Stigmatic Chorus, Altera Forma, Welwet, Canonis) in CHAOS ALTER – she was acting as keyboardist/vocalist.

A bit later, after a long search, Stas entered the band as second guitarist; he contributed significantly on band’s early songs but after the first live show he had to leave the group for private reasons. But his shoes were filled quite fast by Mikhail Vitriol from the rather known pagan metal band called Orodruin.

In March of 2004, Chreb had gone away on business to China where he took up the vacancy of a teacher on the staff in Peking University; after that, Kate inherited the keyboard. As Anton left the band, Demether (voice of Arcane Grail) filled the frontman’s post.

In January of 2006, after a long reshuffle of vocalists, which has lasted nearly half a year, a promising novice named Mike BlaKK (ex – Nails, X-KavatoRR) took up the place at the mic stand. In February of the same year, Vitriol, which had been combining his post with that in Atra Mustum, left CHAOS ALTER; finally, Mikhail preferred to focus on the latter. The band works on new material in the following line-up: Mike BlaKK / Wsegard / Barth / Kate / Eyemaster / .

Members of Chaos Alter

Current Members:
Barth. Role: Guitars
Mike BlaKK. Role: Vocal
Wsegard. Role: Bass
Kate. Role: Keyboards
Eyemaster. Role: Drums


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