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Style: Power metal
Country: Sweden
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Members of Falconer

Current Members:
Stefan Weinerhall. Role: Guitars
Side projects: Mithotyn
Karsten Larsson. Role: Drums
Side projects: Mithotyn, The Choir of Vengeance
Kristoffer Göbel. Role: Vocals
Side projects: Destiny
Magnus Linhardt. Role: Bass
Jimmy Hedlund. Role: Guitars
Past Members:
Mathias Blad. Role: Vocals, Keyboards
Anders Johansson. Role: Guitars
Peder Johansson. Role: Bass


CD: Falconer (2001) Studio: Metal Blade. Tracklist.
Comment: Some versions come with a bonus track, a rendition of the Swedish folk song "Per
Tyrssons Döttrar I Vänge" (4:51).
CD: Chapters From A Vale Forlorn (2002) Studio: Metal Blade. Tracklist.
Comment: The Japanese bonus track is called "En Kungens Man".
Split: promotion tape (2002) Studio: Metal Blade. Tracklist.
Comment: This split tape was for promotional use only.
Chinchilla tracks from "The Last Millennium" album
Falconer tracks from "Chapters From A Vale Forlorn".
CD: The Sceptre Of Deception (2003) Studio: Metal Blade. Tracklist.
Comment: Says mainman Stefan Weinerhall, "This album is a concept album about greed,
falseness and megalomania in the 1300s in Sweden. It is based upon a true

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