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Style: Death / Industrial
Year of birth: 1990
Country: USA
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Biography of Band

ear Factory first went by the name Ulceration which was a song on their first release Concrete. It's not a word nor does it have any meaning; they thought it sounded cool for a group name.

Dino Cazares left the group due to personal problems with Burton Bell. Byron Stroud of Strapping Young Lad has replaced him as bass. Being Fear Factory had a hard time finding a replacement guitar player, Christian Wolbers took over guitar duties, the position which he first tried out for.

Prior to popular belief, the band considers their music to be "extreme alternative."

Drummer Raymond is into video games a lot and has thus gotten the band on many video game soundtracks. Most tracks are remixes.

Funny Fact: When Dino Cazares and Raymond Herrera were looking for band members to recruit for Fear Factory, they met Christian Wolbers through Evan Seinfeld of Biohazard. They found Burton Bell in the strangest place though. In some hotel they were staying in, they heard Burton singing aloud in the showers a U2 song and right away went up to his door and recruited him on the spot.

All of Fear Factory work on many side projects. One which is quite weird to hear is Christian Olde Wolbers side project with B-Real Of Cypress Hill and other faces in music which is a hip-hop side-project. It's been even rumored that Christian would be a full time member of Cypress Hill, playing as live bass. Raymond Herrera is involved with a side project called Kush, which includes B-Real and members of the Deftones.

Interesting Note: Burton C. Bell appeared as one of the many fans in the Nirvana video "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

Interesting Fact: After they reunited, they started touring with a new line-up. They play all of their material except songs from their Digimortal album, which is their nu-metal album.

Members of Fear Factory

Current Members:
Bell Burton (Founder). In Band at: 1990 - . Role: Vocals
Side projects: The Watchers, Geezer
Raymond Herrera (Founder). In Band at: 1990 - . Role: Drums
Side projects: Brujeria, Asesino, Kush
Christian Olde Wolbers. In Band at: 1994 - . Role: Bass
John Bechdel. Role: Keyboards
Side projects: The Watchers
Byron Stroud. Role: Bass
Side projects: Strapping Young Lad, Zimmer's Hole
Past Members:
Dino Cazares (El Asesino) (Founder). In Band at: 1990 - . Role: Guitars
Side projects: Asesino, Brujeria, Body Bag
Andrew Shives (Guest). Period: 1992 - 1994. Role: Bass
Raynor Diego. Role: Keyboards
Rhys Fulber. Role: Keyboards
Andy Romero. Role: Bass


Demo: Demo 91 (1991) Studio: Independant. Tracklist.
Demo: Demo 1 (1991) Studio: Independent. Tracklist.
Demo: Lost Souls (1991) Studio: Self. Tracklist.
Comment: Most of these tracks ended up later on the Concerte session album with a bunch
of other tracks later re-recorded and renamed.
CD: Soul Of New Machine (1992) Studio: Roadrunner. Tracklist.
Comment: Their debut album was heavily influenced by Napalm Death & Godflesh, therefore
being very different stylistically to their later albums. This was their first
and last full length death metal album.

Re-released as a digitally remastered digipack with slipcase and bonus CD that
is the "Fear Is The Mindkiller" EP.
EP: Fear Is The Mindkiller (1993) Studio: Roadrunner. Tracklist.
Comment: Contains techno-ish remixes of tracks from "Soul Of A New Machine".
Single: Replica (1995) Studio: Roadrunner. Tracklist.
CD: Demanufacture (1995) Studio: Roadrunner. Tracklist.
Comment: Tracks 12-15 appear on the digipack version of the CD. "Your Mistake" is a
Madball cover, which features the vocalist of the band doing backing vocals.

This was Christian Olde Wolbers debut on bass.
Single: Dog Day Sunrise (1996) Studio: Roadrunner. Tracklist.
EP: Burn (1997) Studio: Roadrunner. Tracklist.
EP: The Gabber Mixes (1997) Studio: Roadrunner. Tracklist.
Single: Machines of hate (1997) Studio: Roadrunner. Tracklist.
Single: Remanufacture (1997) Studio: Roadrunner. Tracklist.
CD: Remanufacture (1997) Studio: Roadrunner. Tracklist.
EP: Revolution (1998) Studio: Roadrunner. Tracklist.
Single: Edgecrusher (1998) Studio: Roadrunner. Tracklist.
Single: Shock (1998) Studio: Roadrunner. Tracklist.
CD: Obsolete (1998) Studio: Roadrunner. Tracklist.
Comment: The last 5 songs, "Cars" - "Concreto", appear on the digipack version of the CD.
"Cars" is a Gary Numan cover and Gary Numan appears on the song. "Soulwomb"
and "Concreto" originally appeared on Fear Factory's first release "Concrete"
under different names and recordings.

Obsolete has been named the heaviest album of 1998 by MTV. Also, the album has
been certified gold, which is their highest status of album sells (so far.)

Obsolete is a concept album which is a story of the Edgecrusher creating
armageddon on future Earth.

The story of Obsolete was inspired by stories like Brave New World and 1845.
Single: Resurrection (1998) Studio: Roadrunner. Tracklist.
Compilation: Messiah (1999) Studio: Roadrunner. Tracklist.
Comment: This compilation only haves songs of obsolete, remanufacture, demanufacture, and soul of a new machine.
Created as the album of soundtracks to the computer game "Messiah".
Single: Descent (1999) Studio: Roadrunner. Tracklist.
Single: Cars (1999) Studio: Roadrunner. Tracklist.
Single: Digimortal (2001) Studio: Roadrunner. Tracklist.
Comment: This cd contais scenes at the creation of Digimortal. Also contain multimedia.
CD: Digimortal (2001) Studio: Roadrunner. Tracklist.
Comment: Songs 12-15 appear on the limited edition digipack. A video was made for
"Linchpin." "Full Metal Contact" was created for the video game Demolition
Racer for Playstation.

This is the last of Dino Cazares playing guitars in the band.

Digimortal is their nu-metal influenced album which strangely includes the
hip-hopish song "Back The Fuck Up," featuring B-Real of Cypress Hill.
Single: Linchpin (2001) Studio: Roadrunner. Tracklist.
Comment: Includes the CD-ROM video for "Linchpin".
Released as Special Australian Tour EP 2001.
CD: Concrete (2002) Studio: Roadrunner. Tracklist.
Comment: This album was originally recorded in 1991 and was intended to be the first release of Fear Factory. They released this prior to their temporary break up because they didn't want to confuse their fans releasing their death metal material with their recent industrial-related albums.

Songs on this release went on to become re-recorded on future releases.
Funny Fact: Fear Factory first went by the name Ulceration which is a song on this album. It's not a real word; they just thought it sounded cool for a group name.
Compilation: Hatefiles (2003) Studio: Roadrunner. Tracklist.
Comment: A collection of rare, unreleased and remixed tracks
CD: Archetype (2004) Studio: D3 Entertainment / Liquid 8. Tracklist.
Comment: This is the first album without founding member and guitar player Dino Cazares. Christian Olde Wolbers did both guitars and bass on this album. Fear Factory has recruited new bassist Byron Stroud (Strapping Young Lad).

The limited edition digipack includes a bonus DVD. It can either include the DVD entitled "Australian Tour 2004" or The Making Of Archetype."

Japanese Version contains the bonus track "Archetype (Remix)"

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