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Year of birth: 1996
Country: USA
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Biography of Band

Goredeath is almost finished writing material
for their sophmore album. Recording is set
to begin Spring of 2006 with a release by Christmas 2006.

MIDI Link: http://www.savagerock.com/songlist.htm
MP3 Link: http://www.angelfire.com/myband/pfrc/mp3list.html

Temporary Homepage: www.blastbeats.com

Members of Goredeath

Current Members:
A. Cruz (A. Skull) (Founder). In Band at: 1996 - . Role: All Compositions
Side projects: Indust Detroit
Past Members:
Corey Lasley (Founder). Period: 1996 - 2003. Role: Drums, Backing Vocals, Samples
Side projects: Betroth
Corey Clark (Guest). Period: 1999 - 2000. Role: Live Bassist, Studio Bass on 3 Tracks
Side projects: Coming Soon


MCD: Goredeath (1999) Studio: Unreleased.
CD: Cast Into Darkness (2000) Studio: Laceration Productions.
Lineup: Cruz (Compositions, Guitars, Bass, Lead Vox), Lasley (Drums, Backing Vox, Samples). Guests: Clark (Bass on Tracks 4,5,8), Leigh (Fem. Vox Tracks 2,5,9)
Comment: Tracks:
1. Cast Into Darkness - The Burning
2. God Damned Lucifer
3. Souls Hacked to Shreds
4. Goreified
5. Pathetic Sin
6. Annihilation of the False Realm
7. Drowned in Vomit (Vomitorium)
8. Deception of the Raven
9. Chant the Lullaby of Death as the Fetus is Disposed
10. Cast Into Darkness - Damned to Flames

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