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Style: Doom / Sympho Black Metal
Year of birth: 1992
Country: Italy
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Biography of Band

Graveworm is a gothic / black metal band from Italy that formed in 1992, originally playing death metal. They released several albums for Last Episode Productions before signing with Nuclear Blast in 2002.

Members of Graveworm

Current Members:
Stefan Fiori. In Band at: 1992 - . Role: Vocals
Side projects: Abigor
Martin Innerbichler. In Band at: 1995 - . Role: Drums
Side projects: Die Richter, Insane, Mystic Circle
Sabine Mair. In Band at: 1992 - . Role: Keyboards
Eric Righi. In Band at: 1999 - . Role: Guitar, Bass
Side projects: Evenfall, Soul At Zero
Past Members:
Steve Unterpertinger. Period: 1992 - 2003. Role: Guitar
Side projects: Eternal Dust
Didi Schraffl. Period: 1992 - 2003. Role: Bass
Eric Treffel. Period: 1999 - 2003. Role: Guitar
Side projects: Evenfall, Soul At Zero
Moritz Neuner (Guest). Role: Session drums on this tour


EP: Eternal Winds (1997) Studio: Serenades. Tracklist.
Demo: Demo `97 (1997) Studio: Serenades. Tracklist.
CD: When Daylight's Gone (1997) Studio: Serenades Records. Tracklist.
Lineup: Doom
Comment: Later Re-released With The Underneath The Crescent Moon EP Added.
EP: Underneath The Crescent Moon (1998) Studio: Serenades Records. Tracklist.
CD: As The Angels Reach The Beauty (1999) Studio: Last Episode. Tracklist.
CD: Scourge of Malice (2001) Studio: Last Episode. Tracklist.
CD: Engraved In Black (2003) Studio: Nuclear Blast. Tracklist.
Comment: Losing My Religion (REM Cover) not on US version. Digipak also has Bonus Track: "It's A Sin".
CD: (N)Utopia (2005) Tracklist.

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