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Style: Gothic Rock / Doom Metal
Year of birth: 1992
Country: Austria
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Biography of Band

Phred Phinster and Mournful Morales, both wasting their anti-talents in different Dark Wave and Alternative bands, discover their common attraction to L.A. Doomsters St. Vitus. They decide to found a band in the Vitus vein with Phred on drums & vocals and Mournful on guitar. On a cold autumn eve they meet in an old leather factory to rehearse. The later to be remembered as the first Jack Frost rehearsal sinks into a sea of cheap Hungarian vodka. Phred Phinster's driver’s licence is withdrawn by the police on his way home that night. It shall take almost five years until the two of them are sober again.

The second trial is started with drummer Collossos Rossos and a nameless bass player. This time cheap vodka is replaced by cheap Austrian lager, which helps to bring the first ultra-slow songs into being. After the bass-player disappears in late 1993 Phred declares himself as his successor.

The 9th of June should be the day of Doom – the day the band now called Jack Frost hits the stage in Linz / Stadtwerkstatt. The first disgustingly bad demo tape Wish is recorded but fortunately mostly handed to friends and lovers. To all the record companies that were provided with the tape: Jack Frost still regret having bothered you!

The second demo Maelstrom is recorded early that year, still rubbish but more mature than its predecessor, especially in terms of sound and songwriting. In July Jack Frost sign for three records with Austrian label CCP , the beginning of a five year, not always happy, marriage. The debut Eden is recorded at CCP studio within 5 days: 8 dodgily produced but rumbling Doom songs. The release party in Linz takes place together with Alternative Tentacles Noise Core Band Zeni Geva from Japan. Eden is distributed via Nuclear Blast mailorder and brings Jack Frost into contact with the international Doom Underground, especially in southern Germany. Members and ex-members of bands like Mirror Of Deception, End Of Green, Dawn Of Winter, Naevus and Jack Frost stay in close touch and pay mutual homage to each other through the regular organization of parties, concerts and festivals. After a concert with Solitude Aeturnus, S.A. mastermind John Perez notices Jack Frost and now distributes their album through the catalog of his label Brainticket. Eden is completely sold out since years now.

Jack Frost’s guest appearance at the German Doom Festival in Bietigheim is infamous. The high quality (quantity?) of the local beer makes it impossible for the band to play on their feet, let alone play in time. To the band’s intense sadness, this lacklustre performance is videoed and circulated through the world wide Doom community. In July Jack Frost hit the CCP studio again and record their second album Elsewhere - a wrist-slashing Gothic Doom milestone (distributed by Intercord), sold out since `98 and completely unobtainable at present. By the way, the rights are owned by CCP records, mail to: [email protected].

Bombastic reviews for Elsewhere are consolidated through intensive live presence, including an Austrian support tour with Cradle Of Filth in early 1997. The Autumn Twilight festival in Linz in November, featuring Naevus, End Of Green, Mirror Of Deception and Jack Frost develops into one of the most devastating Doom events ever seen. The local press attests Phred Phinster having developped from a professional drunkard that sings into a professional singer that drinks.

A short tour with Mirror Of Deception in the South of Germany marks the beginning of the gloomy alliance with deeply troubled sound engineer Kevin Rich, who over the years should drink himself into the hearts and bank accounts of the band. Jack Frost write the material for their third album Glow Dying Sun during the summer. The subsequent studio work turns out to be a real drag due to a completely stupid recording schedule.

Glow Dying Sun is released in January. Its bitterly cold, lifeless and strict down-on-the-knees aura reflects the growing exhaustion within the band as well as with the cooperation with CCP records. Excellent press reviews but no tour, rare live appearances and a mood of resignation almost lead to an inglorious end of the Jack Frost story. In a last ditch effort to save the band, Gary Gloom, former guitarist of Austrian Hardcore pioneers Stand To Fall, is forced into joining the band. Jack Frost's appearance at the Party.San Open Air near Weimar / Germany in September concludes the band's era as a trio.

Jack Frost sign with Last Episode / Serenades Records and awake from their winter-sleep. The band starts to write the songs for Gloom Rock Asylum and appears at the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig / Germany which is probably the biggest event of the black scene in Europe. In July and August that year the fourth album is recorded, once again at CCP studio in exchange for CCP’s option on further Jack Frost recordings. Gloom Rock Asylum is mastered by Atrocity mastermind Alex Krull. It is released in November and soon turns out to be the best-selling Jack Frost record.

Jack Frost tour Germany with British Doom Metal gods Warning in March, attended by Miskatonic Foundation Records boss Richard Walker, also known as guitarist of British Doom Band Solstice. Especially the shows in Aalen, Zwickau and Wiesbaden will never be forgotten. On August 24 the band appears at the Summer Breeze Festival in Abtsgmuend, Germany. The battle frost vs. heat - find it documented here. In November Jack Frost haunt Germany a second time, this time together with their beer buddies Legacy Of Hate, considered to be one of the leading Austrian Death Metal bands (and as alcohol abusers, second only to the mighty Jack Frost).

Members of Jack Frost

Current Members:
Manfred Klahre (Phred Pfinster). In Band at: 1993 - . Role: Vocals, Bass
Side projects: Manfred & Conny, The Passengers, Sex Sex Sex, Silence Of Sins, Superguitars
Robert Hackl (Mournful Morales). In Band at: 1993 - . Role: Guitars
Gary Gloom. In Band at: 1999 - . Role: Guitars
Side projects: Stand To Fall
Martin Kollross (Collossos Rossos). In Band at: 1993 - . Role: Drums
Side projects: Groove , Stehtrommler Hirsch


CD: Eden (1995) Studio: CCP. Tracklist.
CD: Elsewhere (1996) Studio: CCP. Tracklist.
CD: Gloomy Dying Sun (1999) Studio: CCP. Tracklist.
CD: Gloom Rock Asylum (2000) Studio: Serenades Records. Tracklist.
CD: Self Abusing Uglysex Ungod (2002) Studio: Wait And Bleed. Tracklist.

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