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Style: Symphonic progressive rock
Year of birth: 1992
Country: Brazil
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Biography of Band

The instrumental quintet KAIZEN has the philosophy of a constant improvement in their art's work, combining whichever musical elements are appropriate to each musical canvas they choose to picture their music within - from classical music to jazz, on a widespread array that also carries a particularly strong rock feel.

This combination gives KAIZEN quite a vivid personality in its compositions, on which are used instruments typical of some of these different types of music: violin, piano, synthesizers, electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, drums and percussion.
The band was formed in July 92 by Kleber Vogel - Electric Violins and fellow musicians Alvaro Seabra, Carlos Albuquerque, Ronaldo Dos Guaranys, and Cleto Castañon, which are now acting in the most different areas of the brazilian musical scene. All of them has brought into the bands' music elements from their formation - musical information that ranges from the traditional classical school to the irreverence of functional harmony, giving a particularly distinctive touch of seriousness and softness to their work, without forgetting a heavy rocky punch.

Members of Kaizen

Current Members:
Kleber Vogel (Founder). In Band at: 1992 - . Role: Electric violin
Saulo Battesini. In Band at: 1992 - . Role: Guitars
Wagner André. In Band at: 1994 - . Role: Keyboards
William James Murray. In Band at: 1992 - . Role: Bass
Mario Leme. In Band at: 1998 - . Role: Drums


CD: Gargula (1994) Studio: Music Ware Studio. Tracklist.
Comment: "Gargula", in line with the Symphonic Prog and with it´s tragic-romantic movements, is intended to touch the deepest feelings of the
ones that join them in an evolving and amazing journey.

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