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Год образования: 1997
Страна: Italy
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Биография группы

Kiju started in the late 90’s, with a sound influenced by bands like Faith No More, and Soundgarden, touring in the summer 1997 the north-center of italy… They found Vitto as the new singer… after changing the face of their sound with low tuned guitars, and more aggressive ideas... In the 1999 come out the first demo: HOOK MY NEURONS, self produced and self distributed (the songs were good, but the quality of the production was definitively too much underground) … followed by a lot of shows, in the clubs of Tuscany and on the east italian coast… In the late 2000 come the next step: new songs, new coscience, new ideas: The band contacted the FEAR Recording Studio in Alfonsine (Ravenna)…the best one in Italy ( Mr.Gabry and Paso… the sound engineers of the FEAR have work with bands like BROWBEAT, LIVELLO ZERO, H_STHRYCHNINE, SISTHEMA, GORY BLISTER and many more). -2001- The recording sessions took the first part of 2001 and than continued during the following summer. The album, NOTHING TO PLAY FOR, was a mix of the Sepultura – MachineHead musical violence and the Fear Factory’s wall of “tecnological” sound… you can find in it some songs really “straight in your face” and some other, much more “meditated”. The lirics touch different themes… between the consciousness of the pressure, the stresses, the violence coming from the impositions of society that sorround our lives, and the internal feelings of a human being… The recording sessions took 4 weeks, 4 weeks of sweat and wonderful creative stress. Than, the KIJU worked hard to find a good deal with a label… This was the worst period of the band’s existence, we had some offers from germany and italy... (and we would like to forget about all the assholes we met on our way) -2002- In the late summer of the 2002 the METALAGE PRODUCTIONS get in touch with the band… In november 2002 the guys from Metalage start with publishing of the first copies in italy, than they signed the distribution agreement with TWILIGHT-VERTRIEB (germany), ADIPOCERE (france)... and so on In italy the press had a good reaction, the album was one of the ‘highlights’ on PSYCHO!, METALSHOCK, BABYLONMAGAZINE.NET, METALLOITALIANO.IT, TRUEMETAL.IT, NOISYHOURS.IT, RUMORE, NEROOPACO.IT, -2003- And good reviews also went out from every country in Europe, Canada and the United States. The band started a long way playing shows, having fun on the stage of SLOVAKIA, HUNGARY, SWITZERLAND, AUSTRIA, BELGIO, HOLLAND, GERMANY. The promotion in the USA and CANADA started with radios, magazine and webzines… the album was also on the U.S. online catalogs. Songs from “Nothing to play for” featured on compilations coming from the METALAGE, the GRIMOIRE, and more, advertisements where on the issues of magazine as ROCKHARD, HAMMER, METALHAMMER, and on the biggest catalogues of europe… -2004- The band has been working hard on the new album: DEMO(N)CRACY. The songs are much more hardcore, much more “straight in face”, the groove is bigger, voices are even more powerful, the wall of sound of KIJU now is unbreakable! The lirycs, this time are explicitly against any form of dictatorship, the album in a true istigation to revolt! Everything has been recorded and mixed at the Fear Recording Studio, in 5 weeks. The band recently has featured on festival, on the main stage, with bands like Destruction, Labirinth, Freedom Call.

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Участники группы Kiju

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